Salary negotiations member input form

This December, FAUW will enter our next round of compensation negotiations. Negotiations at the University of Waterloo follow the timeline and structure set out in section 10 of our Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). Further information is available on FAUW’s Compensation Negotiations and Salary Structure information pages (a technical appendix is also in the works for those who want further details and a formulaic breakdown of the salary increase process; if interested, you may access a preliminary draft.)

We are reaching out to learn more about what is important to you in this round of negotiations. Please use this form to let us know what your priorities are.

Note that your feedback will be anonymous, unless you wish to share your name and email with us.
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This form will remain open until October 23.

We will also be hosting a Town Hall for you to share your priorities, and to hear those of your colleagues. Please join us Friday, September 22, at 11:30 a.m. virtually at this Teams Link.