Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives provides two-way communication between the FAUW Board of Directors and FAUW members in each academic unit at Waterloo.

Your council member is a key point of contact between you and the board, which formally sets direction and policy positions for the Association. Council members let FAUW know about emerging issues, and keep you informed about what's going on within FAUW.

FAUW requests input on key issues throughout the year, and provides regular updates through Council meetings, notes, and monthly slides to share with you!

You can approach your Representative about any concerns you think should be brought to FAUW's attention. They can also direct you to FAUW resources when you have questions or need support.

How council members are selected

Each department/school selects its representative "in a manner acceptable to the members of the department or school," as per the FAUW Constitution. Some units elect their representative, some have an informal discussion, and others let their chair appoint someone.

We email each chair/director every September and ask who the representative will be for that academic year. What happens next is up to the department. If we haven't heard back by September 30, the FAUW Board of Directors can appoint a pro tem (temporary) member for that department or school until the unit selects its own appointee.

Representatives serve one-year terms, but there are no term limits and many reps stay on for a few years in a row. Council members (except those from the SJU-ASA, RAAS, and LAAUW) must be active FAUW members.

What council members do

Council members:

  • Attend two joint meetings of the Council and Board per year (in the fall and winter terms).
  • Attend the FAUW general meetings (December and April).
  • Keep constituents informed about what's going on with FAUW, at department meetings or otherwise.
  • Let FAUW know about relevant concerns or developments within units, including bringing anonymous feedback from constituents to the FAUW board or staff.
  • Promote the benefits of membership in FAUW to faculty members.
  • Recommend suitable colleagues for committee appointments. 

Find your councillor

2023–24 Council of Representatives members

The Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo thanks all of these representatives for serving their colleagues in this important role.

If you see a vacancy in your department or school and would like to fill it, please talk to your chair.



Accounting and Finance

Robert Ducharme


Alexis Dolphin

Applied Mathematics

Eduardo Martin-Martinez




Jozef Nissimov

Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing

Paul McGrath

Chemical Engineering

Peter Angelo


Dara Gilbert

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bruce Hellinga

Classical Studies

Altay Coskun

Combinatorics and Optimization

David Gosset

Communication Arts

Vay Young

Computer Science

Nomair Ahmed Naeem

Conrad School of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

Chris Holt

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Keith Delaney


Joel Blit

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Guo-Xing Miao

English Language and Literature

Danielle Deveau

Environment, Enterprise and Development

Goretty Dias

Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Helena Shilombeleni

Fine Arts

Bojana Videkanic

French Studies

Catherine Dubeau

Geography and Environmental Management

Quinn Lewis

Germanic and Slavic Studies

Barbara Schmenck


Matthew Wiseman

Interaction Design and Business


Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Robin Duncan (while Stacey Acker on sabbatical)

Knowledge Integration


Management Sciences

Peter Carr

Math Business and Accounting

Mathematics Undergraduate Group

Burcu Tuncer Karabina

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Fue-Sang Lien

Optometry and Vision Science

Christopher Hudson



Gregory Andres

Physics and Astronomy

Kevin Resch


John Lewis

Political Science

Alexander Lanoszka


Paul Wehr

Public Health Sciences

Ashok Chaurasia

Pure Mathematics

Blake Madill

Recreation and Leisure Studies

Lisbeth Berbary

Religious Studies

Doris Jakobsh

Sociology and Legal Studies

Adam Molnar 

Spanish and Latin American Studies

David Rozotto

Statistics and Actuarial Science

Fan Yang

Systems Design Engineering

Stephen Birkett

Librarians' and Archivists' Association of the University of Waterloo


Renison Association of Academic Staff

Chizuru Nobe-Ghelani

St. Jerome's University Academic Staff Association