Representatives on University and joint committees

FAUW ensures that faculty members’ voices are represented at all levels of the University, coordinating dozens of faculty seats on University committees and working groups. Some of these roles require a FAUW Board member, but most are appointed byFAUW or jointly with the University from among the membership at large.

FAUW representatives vs appointees

Some representatives are assigned to act on FAUW's behalf, such as with policy, accessibility, academic integrity, and copyright committees. These representatives are asked to submit reports to the FAUW membership at our general meetings.

FAUW also appoints or recommends people to act in an individual capacity (i.e., not as a representative of FAUW) on bodies such as senior administration hiring committees, the University Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committee (UTPAC), and the University Appointments Review Committee (UARC). 

All positions must be filled by voting members of FAUW.

Representatives from the FAUW Board of Directors or its committees

Only FAUW appointees are listed here. The University has other committees with faculty members who are not appointed by FAUW, and some of the committees listed below also have additional faculty members who are not appointed by FAUW.

Committee FAUW Representative(s)

Faculty Relations Committee (FRC)

At FRC, five FAUW Board members meet with five University representatives biweekly to negotiate changes in working conditions (except salary). FRC approves changes to policy and the Memorandum of Agreement, and resolves non-policy issues.

Learn more about FRC in our YouTube video.

Kelly Anthony

George Lamont

Nasser Mohieddin Abukhdeir

Graham Murphy

David Porreca


The FAUW president holds an ex-officio position on Senate. The Secretariat's website lists other elected faculty representatives on Senate, some of whom happen to also be FAUW Board members.

David Porreca (as FAUW president)

Senate Executive

David Porreca (as FAUW president)

Senate Long Range Planning Committee

 TBD (as a FAUW Board member)

Appointed from the FAUW membership

*Indicates committees on which members act in an individual capacity, not as a FAUW representative.

Committee Faculty Representative(s)
Academic Integrity Advisory Committee Heidi Engelhardt (Biology)

Accessibility Committee

Zara Rafferty (Recreation & Leisure Studies)

Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision Committee Johanna Wandel (Geography and Environmental Management)
Copyright Advisory Committee Joan Coutu (Fine Arts)

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Committee

David Mather (Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering)

Provost's Advisory Committee on Equity (PACE) Aimée Morrison (English Language and Literature)
Equity Data Advisory Group Nancy Worth (Geography and Environmental Management)
Gender & Sexual Diversity Alliance Daniel Cockayne (Geography and Environmental Management)
Faculty Grievance Committee*

Manoj Sachdev (chair)
David De Vidi (Arts)
Roland Hall (Science)
Sriram Narasimhan (Engineering)
Sanjay Nepal (Environment)
Paul Stolee (Health)
Kirsten Morris (Mathematics)

(Task Force on) Graduate Student Supervision Kate Lawson (English Language and Literature)
Hagey Lectures Committee*

Rahim Moosa (chair; Math)

Sarah Turnbull (Arts) 

Brian Dixon (Science)

Heather Mair (Health)

Nadine Ibrahim (Engineering)

Jeremy Pittman (Environment)

Julie Kate Seirlis (AFIW)

Healthy Workplace Steering Committee  

Jay Dolmage (English Language & Literature)

Joint Health and Safety Committees*

Main campus: Philip Bigelow (Kinesiology and Health Sciences), Michael Chong (Chemistry), Laura Deakin (Chemistry)

Architecture: Marie-Paule Macdonald

Health Sciences campus (Pharmacy): Emmanuel Ho

Stratford campus: Cayley McArthur

Pension and Benefits Committee*

Ranjini Jha (School of Accounting and Finance)
David Saunders (Statistics and Actuarial Science)
Mary Hardy (Statistics and Actuarial Science)

Pension Investment Committee* Ranjini Jha (School of Accounting and Finance)
Research Data Management Group Joel Dubin (Statistics and Actuarial Science/Public Health Sciences)
Salary Anomaly Working Group Rashmee Singh, Kate Rybczynski, Michael Wallace
University Appointments Review Committee See the UARC membership list maintained by the Secretariat
University Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committee (UTPAC)* See the UTPAC membership list maintained by the Secretariat
(Advisory Committee on) Traffic Violations and Parking Mathieu Doucet (Philosophy)
Transportation and Commuting Working Group  Mathieu Doucet (Philosophy)

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