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About the Faculty Association

Founded in 1957, the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo (FAUW) is the official representative of the bargaining unit that includes all “regular faculty” at the University of Waterloo who hold definite term, probationary, tenured, or continuing appointments (as set out in Policy 76 – Faculty Appointments). We currently have approximately 1,380 members.

Our purpose is to represent and defend the interests of our members. We do this by negotiating our working conditions, advocating for member rights, and connecting with faculty members across campus and the country. Become a voting member today and join in our efforts to make Waterloo a better place to work and learn.

FAUW's objectives

In addition to representing our members, FAUW's official objectives are:

  • To promote fairness for and equitable treatment of the individuals it represents by negotiating and defending sound policies, practices and procedures.
  • To defend and promote academic freedom and tenure within the university.
  • To promote a climate of freedom and collegiality, and in other ways to promote the welfare of the university as a community of scholars.
  • To promote an environment that supports quality teaching and research.
  • To promote a diverse and inclusive university where the advancement of human rights is a priority.

We negotiate salaries during bargaining periods, benefits through our representatives on the Pension & Benefits Committee, and changes in University policy and terms of employment through the Faculty Relations Committee (FRC) and representatives on University committees.

This work is done by the elected Board of Directors and appointed committee members who dedicate their service time to FAUW.

Our Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee provides confidential support to faculty members and defends our individual and collective rights through both informal and formal processes. We also advocate for the rights and interests of faculty at all levels of University governance.

We participate in provincial and national advocacy through the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).

In-person and online, we bring members together across campus and keep each other informed about issues affecting faculty at Waterloo & around the world.

We do this through blog posts, email, social media, events, the Council of Representatives, and general meetings. This work is done by Board and committee members, and staff.

We also provide information and advice about working at Waterloo in our Faculty Guide.

Who's in the Faculty Association?

FAUW consists of all "regular" faculty at Waterloo, which includes:

  • lecturers with appointments of one year or longer
  • assistant professors
  • associate professors
  • professors
  • clinical faculty at any of those ranks
  • some part-time faculty with appointments one year or longer*

*See MoA section section 2.1.1

Who's not in the Faculty Association?

FAUW does not represent:

  • faculty members with administrative positions at the level of dean or above;
  • graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, or research associates
  • research professors (though this is in progress)
  • other “special appointments” such as visiting professors
  • sessional instructors
  • librarians
  • faculty at St. Jerome's, Grebel, United, or Renison*

*Faculty at Grebel and United colleges can join FAUW individually

How to pronounce "FAUW"

It's an acronym, not an initialism, so it rhymes with "how" and "now" and "brown" and "cow."