Executive Committee & Faculty Relations Committee

The president, vice president, treasurer, and two other members of the Board make up the Executive Committee, which is responsible for advising the president (including in establishing the agendas of Association meetings), and for any other duties determined by the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee members also typically serve as FAUW's delegation to the Faculty Relations Committee (FRC), where much decision-making with administration happens.

Members are selected by the FAUW president from among the FAUW Board of Directors.

What FRC does

From Policy 1 (Appendix A):

The FRC has two roles, one general and not related to University policies, the other specific and related to University policies via Policy 1.

The general role of the FRC is to provide a regular forum for discussion of matters of mutual interest to the Faculty Association and the University Administration, namely, issues which affect faculty members.

The specific role of the FRC is to serve as the body with responsibility for the development of policies which concern terms and conditions of employment of faculty members. It has the drafting responsibility for Class F and Class A policies.

2023–24 Executive Committee