Representatives and committees

FAUW ensures that faculty members’ voices are well represented at all levels of the University and within FAUW itself, coordinating more than 100 faculty seats on internal and external committees and working groups.

If you are interested in participating as a FAUW representative or appointee, contact the Nominating and Elections Committee or see what seats we're currently looking to fill!

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You are welcome to contact any of your representatives with questions or suggestions.

How we represent you

Our work is governed by our elected Board of Directors with input from the Council of Representatives, committees, and all members.

Board members meet with the University administration biweekly through the Faculty Relations Committee (FRC). We also manage, with the University, faculty member appointments to dozens of other committees that help to shape faculty working conditions.

All Board, Council, and committee positions are filled by voting members of FAUW.

Keeping you informed

Our representatives report to members throughout the year, through:

  • reports and answering questions at our fall and winter general meetings
  • monthly updates about key developments to all units through the Council of Representatives
  • Board meeting summaries on our blog
  • highlights in our email newsletter, sent to all members every 2–3 weeks