Representatives and committees

FAUW ensures that faculty members’ voices are represented at all levels of the university, appointing or recommending members for than 100 faculty seats on FAUW, university, and joint committees and working groups.

All positions are filled by voting members of FAUW. Members of the Renison Association of Academic Staff can also serve on FAUW committees or as FAUW appointees to committees where permitted by their terms of reference.

Reporting back to members

Our representatives report to members throughout the year, through:

  • reports and answering questions at our fall and winter general meetings
  • monthly updates about key developments to all units through the Council of Representatives
  • Board meeting summaries on our blog
  • highlights in our email newsletter, sent to all members at least once a month

Board and Council

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the overall direction for the Association. It meets meet biweekly September through June.

Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives provides two-way communication between our Board of Directors and each academic unit at Waterloo. Each department or school selects one faculty member to act as a liaison with the Board. You can approach your representative about any concerns you think should be brought to the Board's attention.

If you would like to represent your unit, please declare your interest in joining the Council to your chair/director.

Supporting roles

Supporting the Board, Council, and/or general meetings are the FAUW parliamentarian and the general meeting chair. 

Representatives on UW committees

Some University committees require representation from the FAUW Board or its committees. Others have faculty positions appointed byFAUW (or jointly with the University) from among the FAUW membership.

Internal FAUW committees

Academic Freedom & Tenure (AF&T)

The Academic Freedom & Tenure (AF&T) Committee provides confidential support to individual members with workplace issues of all kinds.

Compensation Negotiating Team

In each round of bargaining, a team of three FAUW members negotiates a new compensation settlement with the University, in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement. 

Equity Committee

The Equity Committee is a standing committee that engages in educational and advocacy activities related to equity issues, and liaises with related committees of the University, OCUFA and CAUT.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the president, past president (when there is one), vice president, and treasurer, and typically any other board members sitting on Faculty Relations Committee. It is responsible for advising the president, including on the agendas of Board and general meetings, and helps triage new issues as they arise.

Lecturers Committee

The Lecturers Committee is a standing committee that gathers information and discusses matters pertaining to the working conditions of lecturers, and conveys issues raised by lecturers to the Board.

Nominating and Elections Committee

The Nominating and Elections Committee oversees elections for the FAUW Board and president and helps to recruit FAUW members for the Board, FAUW seats on University committees, and other roles within FAUW.