Welcome to the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo

The Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo (FAUW) is the official representative of all regular faculty members at the University of Waterloo.

  1. Oct. 14, 2016FAUW Membership Endorses Biennial Performance Reviews

    We are pleased to announce the results of the referendum on changes to the Memorandum of Agreement regarding biennial performance reviews for tenured/continuing faculty members. 

    The changes have been approved by a significant majority of voters and will now go to the University Board of Governors on October 25 for final approval.

    Voter turnout was 54% and 88% of members who voted were in favour of the changes.

  2. Oct. 12, 2016Call for Nominations: SWEC Equity & Inclusivity AwardStatus of Women & Equity Committee

    FAUW's Status of Women and Equity Committee is seeking nominations for its annual Equity and Inclusivity Award. The award celebrates a member or affiliate of the University of Waterloo community whose actions have made a demonstrable impact on equity, inclusivity, and/or diversity at the University. 

  3. Sept. 26, 20162016 Proposed MoA Revisions: Summary and Rationale from FAUW

    FAUW and UW administrators at the Faculty Relations Committee have negotiated a set of very positive but substantive changes to Article 13 (Faculty Salaries, Annual Selective Increases and Member Evaluation Procedures) of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). The changes will:

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  1. Oct. 26, 2016W3: Waterloo Women's Wednesdays

    W3 (Waterloo Women's Wednesdays) is a monthly gathering of woman-identified grad students, post-docs, staff and faculty.

    Wednesday, October 26 is UW’s Mental Health Wellness Day. You can wear orange for mental health, you can spin for mental health, or …  you can come to W3! Similar to the April session, the focus will be on our own mental health and that of our family members.

  2. Nov. 8, 2016Council of Representatives Meeting

    The Council of Representatives provides two-way communication between the FAUW Board of Directors and each academic unit at Waterloo. Each department or school selects one faculty member, in whatever way they choose, to act as a liaison between that unit and the Board.

    You can approach your Representative about any concerns you think should be brought to FAUW's attention at any time.

    The Council and Board meet in person twice a year, in the fall and winter terms.

  3. Dec. 6, 2016FAUW Fall General MeetingFall General Meeting

    The FAUW Fall General Meeting will be held Tuesday, December 6 from 12:00 noon - 2:00pm in MC 4020. Lunch will be provided.

    Official FAUW members will receive an agenda with supporting materials closer to the date. 

    Membership is voluntary and involves no extra cost for regular faculty. Visit our membership page for more information.

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