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FAUW is an independent advocate for faculty at the University of Waterloo.

As the official representative of faculty members, we negotiate compensation and terms of employment, help develop university policies, advocate for collective rights and academic freedom, support individual members, and foster collegiality across the campus community.

  1. Apr. 24, 2017Call for Members: Status of Women & Equity CommitteeStatus of Women & Equity Committee logo

    The Faculty Association’s Status of Women & Equity Committee (SWEC) is looking for new members. The committee is strong and active, but knows that its continuing vitality depends on the new ideas and enthusiasm that come with new members.

  2. Apr. 21, 2017Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre wins Equity and Inclusivity AwardKate Rybczynski (Chair of SWEC), Amy Smoke, Shelby Keedwell, Emma Smith

    If you’ve ever been to an event at the Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre (WAEC), you might have a pretty good idea of why the University’s Status of Women and Equity Committee (SWEC) awarded the Centre with the 2017 Equity and Inclusivity Award.

    While the Centre is first and foremost a supportive and safe space for Indigenous students, it also manages to engage non-Indigenous students, staff, and faculty in the sharing of Indigenous knowledge, and has been especially successful in forming collaborative partnerships with other community organizations.

  3. Apr. 12, 2017President’s Report to the 2017 Spring General Meeting

    FAUW President Sally Gunz's report to the membership at the Spring General Meeting on April 6, 2017, is now posted on the FAUW blog. The report covers outgoing Board members, the Hagey Lecture, the Course Evaluation Project, mental health concerns, FAUW communications developments, and more.

    Read it on the FAUW blog.

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