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The Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo (FAUW) works to ensure academic freedom, fairness, and collegial governance for 1,350 faculty members at Waterloo. We do this by negotiating our working conditions, advocating for member rights, and connecting with faculty members across campus and the country. Join us in our efforts to make Waterloo a better place to work and learn.

  1. Oct. 21, 2021Update on Policy 76/77 Revisions

    After the latest drafting committee failed to submit substantial revisions for the Faculty Appointments (76) and Tenure & Promotion (77) policies, the Board directed your Faculty Relations Committee representatives to request mediation as a way to move this policy revision process forward. The Board also identified things we absolutely must achieve for our teaching-intensive members, including:

  2. Sep. 17, 2021Report from the FAUW Representatives on the Policy 76/77 Drafting Committee

    Su-Yin Tan and Kate Lawson, the FAUW appointees to the P76/77 drafting committee, have issued a report to the membership on the FAUW blog.

  3. Aug. 9, 2021Open letter to the University of Waterloo about mandatory vaccination for on-campus activity
    UW faculty want a safe campus: vaccination required for in-person activity.

    Update: On August 24, the University of Waterloo announced that proof of vaccination will be mandatory this fall, with accommodations available for medical or human rights grounds.

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  1. Oct. 27, 2021Emergency: The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success
    Emergency: The citizen's guide to climate success

    Energy economist and author Mark Jaccard will deliver the 2021 University of Waterloo Hagey Lecture on October 27.

    In this talk, Mark Jaccard speaks about how climate-concerned citizens can overcome myths that hinder us from acting in time to prevent extreme climate impacts. Actions can involve personal consumption choices (electric vehicles, heat pumps) but these only have an effect if citizens are also engaged in the political process and civil society to elect and support climate-sincere politicians. These personal and collective efforts must align with and foster a global strategy of decarbonization, especially in developing countries. Tune in to find out what is required on a simple path to climate success—and what you can contribute.

    Registration for the livestream is now open.

  2. Nov. 8, 2021Navigating your first probationary term
    Navigating your first probationary term

    FAUW runs a series of workshops each year to help faculty through key transitions in their academic career. This session is for faculty recently hired for their first probationary term and will cover the requirements and some advice for probationary renewal.

  3. Nov. 9, 2021Information session: Definite-term contracts
    Definite-term contracts

    FAUW runs a series of workshops each year to help faculty through key aspects of their academic career.  This session for faculty members currently on a definite-term contract will help you to:

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