Arbitration Briefs

2024 Arbitration Briefs

FAUW is committed to transparency, including in our negotiations process. As such, no confidentiality agreements were signed for the negotiation process (except for mediation, as is typical), so that all parties could be held to account at the conclusion of the process. We believe publication of arbitration briefs is critical for the three following key reasons:

  • Keeping relevant information from faculty members inhibits our ability to govern collegially, such as when participating in decision making processes on Senate and on University committees.
  • Public scrutiny is essential to hold both the parties and the arbitrators accountable for their actions and decisions, including to prevent unintentional mistakes.
  • Keeping Arbitration Briefs from faculty members is not the norm amongst our (also uncertified) Ontario counterparts: University of Toronto and McMaster University both publish all Arbitration Briefs.

FAUW's Arbitration Briefs

Administration's Arbitration Briefs

The Administration has not yet consented to the publication of their briefs. Moreover, the Administration has made efforts to prevent FAUW from publishing its own briefs.

FAUW has published its own briefs, with the Administration's statements redacted. In this way we are able to provide our members with the information necessary to assess the situation at UW and to better understand the salary negotiations process.

We call upon the Administration to stand by their words/principles/values, to be transparent, and to be accountable—by publishing their briefs along with FAUW’s.