Information for chairs and directors

Chairs and directors are our members and have access to all of our services and supports. 

Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee

The Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee (AF&T) provides confidential support to faculty members, especially (but not only) regarding the application of policy.

We encourage chairs and directors not only to direct other faculty members in your unit to AF&T when they need advice, but to make use of the committee yourself.

All contact made with the committee is confidential, and in cases involving two faculty members both represented by FAUW, both members are entitled to support from the AF&T Committee and will be assigned separate committee members to assist them.

Academic Leadership Program

The Academic Leadership Program (ALP) provides education, support, and mentorship for faculty members in, or about to move into, positions of academic leadership at the University of Waterloo.

The ALP website contains a range of resources, including a handbook for chairs and directors

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