Nominating and Elections Committee Terms of Reference

Effective January 2022.

Purpose and activities

The Nominating and Elections Committee oversees FAUW elections and works to find the best-suited people to represent FAUW members on the Board and on University committees.

The committee shall:

  1. Oversee FAUW elections and recommend election procedures to the Board of Directors.
  2. Assist in recruiting members for the Board of Directors and this committee.
  3. Solicit expressions of interest from members in the role of General Meeting chair and recommend a chair to the membership at a General Meeting.
  4. Solicit expressions of interest from members for vacancies on University and FAUW committees, or other roles within FAUW, as listed under items 5 and 6 below, and as otherwise directed by the FAUW Board of Directors.
  5. Forward a list of all candidates, and provisional ranking of top candidates, to the FAUW President for the following committees:
  • Advisory Committee on Traffic Violations and Parking
  • Copyright Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Grievance Committee
  • Hagey Lectures Committee
  • Pension & Benefits Committee
  • University Appointments Review Committee
  • University Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committee
  • Policy Drafting Committees

The President retains the authority to make appointments as they see fit.

  1. Forward a list of all candidates, and provisional ranking of top candidates, to the FAUW Board for the following committees:
  • Academic Integrity Advisory Committee
  • Accessibility Committee
  • Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision Committee
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program Committee
  • Gender and Sexual Diversity Working Group  
  • Healthy Workplace Steering Committee
  • Joint Health & Safety Committees
  • Online Teaching Awards Evaluation Committee
  • Provost’s Advisory Committee on Equity
  • Salary Anomaly Working Group
  • Wellness Collaborative Advisory Committee
  • Other committees or positions as directed by the FAUW Board of Directors.

The Board retains the authority to make appointments as it sees fit.

Some committee memberships are governed by University policy or FAUW policy and therefore operate outside the Nominating Committee's Terms of Reference. As well, the President or Board may choose to appoint members to ad hoc committees directly, or to delegate such appointments to this committee.



 The Nominating Committee consists of at least four voting members as follows:

  • At least one member of the FAUW Board
  • At least one member who is not on the Board
  • At least two additional members


The Committee also includes:

  • The FAUW Communications Officer, as Secretary to the committee
  • A past president of FAUW, appointed by the Board, during recruitment for presidential elections

Committee chair

The committee will elect a Chair from amongst themselves.

Quorum and decision making

Three voting members of the committee shall constitute a quorum for meetings and decisions. Provisional rankings will be made based on a majority decision of the committee, whether in a meeting, by electronic vote, or in writing. Provisional rankings are to be accompanied by rationales.

Term of office

Appointment of voting members to the Nominating Committee is made by the FAUW Board of Directors for a two-year term. The Board will make an effort to stagger appointments so that not all committee members’ terms end in the same year.


The Chair or Delegate will:

  • Arrange and chair committee meetings
  • Present applications and provisional rankings to the FAUW President or Board of Directors
  • Report all appointments to the FAUW Board of Directors
  • Ensure that applicants are notified of appointments
  • Notify candidates of election results

Committee members will:

  • Attend committee meetings as arranged
  • Participate in online discussion between meetings
  • Actively recruit candidates for the Board of Directors
  • Actively recruit candidates for committees
  • Solicit suggestions for candidates from the Board of Directors and Council of Representatives
  • Review applications for FAUW representative openings and provide a provisional ranking of top candidates with a written rationale, recusing themselves from discussion about any committees for which they are nominated
  • Ensure applications remain confidential
  • Review election procedures annually and recommend any changes to the FAUW Board
  • Oversee and assist the FAUW Communications Officer with carrying out FAUW Board elections
  • Provide reports for FAUW general meetings

The Secretary will:

  • Send calls for nominations/applications to all FAUW members for FAUW elections and representative openings
  • Acknowledge receipt of nomination/application forms and inform candidates about the process and timelines
  • Distribute applications to committee members
  • Ensure meeting minutes are taken
  • Educate committee members about their duties
  • Ensure that successful nominations/applications are retained for the duration of their term
  • Periodically review committee appointments for currency and vacancies
  • Periodically review the committees listed in these terms of reference and make recommendations for updates