Manager, Graduate Financial Aid and Awards Programs

As the Manager of Graduate Financial Aid and Awards Programs, Miranda is honoured to spend her day assisting students who are experiencing financial need through various bursary programs. She is also responsible for managing the prestigious Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) scholarship competitions.

Miranda BilottaMiranda began her career in GSPA in 2007 and is proud to be part of a team dedicated to enriching the graduate student experience.

In her spare time, Miranda enjoys being with family and friends.

Contact Miranda for:

  • SSHRC Master’s (CGS M) and Doctoral Scholarship competitions
  • SSHRC Talent Award competition
  • CIHR Master’s (CGS M) and Doctoral Scholarships (CGS D/DFSA) competitions
  • Graduate Student Contingency Bursary
  • Graduate Studies Parental Leave Bursary
  • Graduate Student Day Care Bursary
  • Emergency Loans
  • Medical Leave Award
  • Doctoral Thesis Completion Award
University of Waterloo