Fall Term 2023 for Waterloo International

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Waterloo International table at faculty orientation event

With the first week of a new academic year upon us, the team at Waterloo International is looking forward to a busy and impactful four months this coming term.  We already have a lot of activity on our schedule:

  • We currently have more than 900 University of Waterloo members registered in the Safety Abroad System who are scheduled to depart in September for international travel.
  • The majority of those outbound travellers are students going on co-operative education work terms or academic exchange terms.  Did you know that our International Agreements team stewards more than 100 agreements with universities around the world to promote successful outbound student mobility?
  • Our International Operations team is looking forward to ensuring that the welcomes we give to incoming international delegations this term are – in spite of falling Autumn temperatures – incredibly warm, and that visitors’ experiences on our campus are exceptional.
  • Our International Opportunities team is anticipating a new set of Global Affairs Canada opportunities being launched (keep your eyes on our dedicated webpage for that); the team is also working hard in advance of the University of Waterloo’s engagement with International Education Week (20-24 November 2023 – keep your eyes on that webpage too!).
  • Our International Relations team will be supporting outbound senior leadership travel to multiple countries across two continents (Asia and Africa). More details will be forthcoming during the coming weeks.

We will be continuing to communicate developments on our news webpage, our Twitter/X page, and AVPI Ian Rowlands’s Linkedin page.  Feel free to follow there, or to contact us directly:

We wish all a wonderful term, and look forward to our work together!