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The UW Well-Fit Program integrates physical activity into cancer recovery. Cancer patients undergoing treatment often experience unpleasant and negative side effects such as fatigue, weakness, nausea, psychological distress, weight gain/loss, and depression.

Evidence has shown that monitored physical activity will minimize negative impacts on patients and improve their quality of life. In partnership with physicians at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, exercise specialists from the University of Waterloo assess and guide patients through a group physical activity program that has significant positive effects on well-being, energy level, and mental health.

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Undergraduate scholarships

Among the many significant ways of recognizing students' achievements are scholarships, bursaries, and other awards. These are important ways to reward talented students for their accomplishments and provide financial assistance to help them with their educational expenses.

The University of Waterloo has a goal of ensuring that all qualified full-time undergraduate students have adequate financial assistance for their studies, and being offered a student award or scholarship can make the difference in whether or not a student chooses the University of Waterloo.

Graduate scholarships

The University of Waterloo's spirit of innovation continues to cultivate knowledge and ideas that have an impact on local, national, and international communities. Our graduate students contribute significantly to research that encompasses many areas — from preventing cardiovascular disease and workplace injuries to improving rehabilitation for those who've experienced a stroke or cancer diagnosis.

The Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences will use these donations to leverage provincial matching programs. For every $5,000 disbursement by this fund, the Ontario government will contribute $10,000 towards a $15,000 OGS scholarship to support our bright and innovative graduate students.

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