Stacey Acker

Associate Professor
Stacey Acker

Contact information

Office: BMH 1038

Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 41338


Website: Biomechanics of Human Mobility Lab

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​Research interests

My research focuses on exposures on the knee joint in both common and unique loading conditions in health and disease. My research team aims to develop a thorough knowledge base for movement and loading of the knee joint during gait and demanding activities of daily living and to use this knowledge to inform knee joint contact force modeling. Special focus is placed on the added challenges of modeling the knee joint in deep flexion. My research applications include: developing potential links between high demand knee joint mechanics and osteoarthritis progression and initiation; occupational task analysis and defining healthy knee function; and improvement of artificial knee replacements.

Graduate supervision and student opportunities

  • Research volunteer
  • Undergraduate thesis
  • MSc thesis
  • Coursework interns
  • PhD thesis

Students are the heart of my research team.  Graduate students in my lab become skilled in the use of data collection equipment, including force plates, wireless electromyography, and motion capture; and in data analysis tools and techniques, including Matlab and Visual 3D.  My goal is that all students who complete their studies in my lab have not just the technical skills needed to succeed, but also the critical thinking skills, creativity, team work ethic, and foundational knowledge to become leading edge experts in their field.  Our undergraduate volunteers and apprentices play a crucial role in our studies, providing hands-on assistance in the data collection and analysis stages.

Learn more about the Biomechanics of Human Mobility Lab or email me to discuss student opportunities.

Graduate studies application details

Teaching, expertise, tools and technologies

  • Lower limb biomechanics
  • Occupational biomechanics
  • Knee joint modeling
  • Knee osteoarthritis initiation and progression


BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Queen’s University

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Queen’s University

PDF, Rehabilitation Sciences, McMaster University


See Google Scholar for full list of publications.