Majors, minors and specializations

Your major

As a student in the BSc Honours Kinesiology program, your major is Kinesiology. Your required Kinesiology courses will provide an extensive investigation of the science of human movement including biomechanics, neuroscience and psychomotor behaviour, and physiology.

Adding a minor or specialization

You can further enhance your undergraduate studies in Kinesiology by complementing your major with a minor or specialization offered by the Department of Kinesiology, or from any other department within the University of Waterloo.

The Department of Kinesiology offers the following minors and specializations:

Though the requirements for a minor or specialization can change from year to year, upper year students can still follow the degree requirements list for any calendar from their first year and onwards. To find the requirements for earlier calendars select the appropriate year on the List of Undergraduate Studies Archived Calendars before finding the minor or specialization on the calendar.

If you started in Fall 2016 or earlier you can consider pursuing the Pre-Health Professions Option. For new students this has been replaced with the Medical Physiology Minor.

If you are interested in pursuing a minor or specialization, please contact your academic advisor and complete a Plan Modification Form.

Minors, options or specializations in other disciplines

If you are interested in pursuing a minor, option or specialization in an area other than Applied Health Sciences, e.g., psychology or biology, you should consult the faculty sections of the Undergraduate Calendar to see if such a specialization is offered and which courses you would need to take as your electives to complete the requirements.

Normally, to add an minor, option or specialization offered by another department, you must declare the plan as indicated in the plan requirements, or no later than 3B if it is not specified, by completing a Plan Modification Form and submitting it to your academic advisor.