May and January 2020 KI updates

May 2020

We had to close KIX 2020 prematurely after one day open—albeit a day that saw a record-breaking 200 visitors! Please have a virtual visit:

January 2020

  • A KIX 2019 exhibit on the legacy of the residential school system was selected for display at the Woodlands Cultural Centre, beside the “Mush Hole” school in Six Nations of the Grand River.
  • An innovative KI senior research project aims to increase access for children with complex needs, earning government funding for further development.
  • Our new donor-funded KI Student Experience Awards have supported valuable student opportunities.
  • Darlene is retiring in the summer of 2020, and we are thankful for all of her support of the KI community since 2008 when we welcomed the very first cohort.
  • The theme for KIX 2020 is once again the United Nations' Sustainable Development, and the five exhibits teach about Loneliness, Harm Reduction and Ppioids, The Hong Kong Protests, The Power of Vulnerability, and Blood Donation. Please plan to check out the exhibits in March!