Academic Integrity

Office of Academic Integrity & the Academic Integrity Module

The department of Management Sciences takes Academic Integrity very seriously, as does the University of Waterloo. 

With graduate students arriving each year from a variety of backgrounds around the world challenges arrive with clarification and understanding of the Waterloo's standards and expectations. 

To ensure that all our graduate students have the same understanding of Waterloo's expectations the Associate Deans of Graduate Studies, Deans Council and University Senate of Graduate and Research Council are proud to introduce the Graduate Academic Integrity Module. 

The Graduate Academic Integrity Module is a new required component for all new graduate students to Waterloo Graduate Studies and is administered by the Office of Academic Integrity

More information, details and contact information on this new requirement can be found at the Office of Academic Integrity's Graduate Academic Integrity Module page. 

We encourage all our faculty, staff and students to also be familiar with the University Policies specific to academic integrity