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Technical Professionals: Advance your tech career into management

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100% online and part-time

Fit the program around full-time work, wherever you live around the globe.

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Ranked among the Top 50 engineering schools worldwide, Waterloo Engineering is respected by technical professionals as the most industry-relevant university.

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A scientific approach to management

Become a respected business leader by learning how to understand scientific, analytical and quantitative methods for managing organizations.



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Program Overview

Online MMSc MOT is designed for you

If you have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) background or are working in a professional technical field, an MMSc degree with a specialization in Management of Technology (MOT) is an ideal career boost.

Do you feel limited in your ability to advance your career due to not having a master’s degree or management experience? Is an MBA not the right fit for you because of its high cost and limited technical scope?

Since 1999, the Master in Management Sciences (MMSc) online Management of Technology (MOT) program developed by the University of Waterloo has been the go-to program for technical professionals who want to advance their managerial careers.

The MMSc MOT is designed to fit your specific needs and will help you become the technical leader today’s businesses need – without breaking the bank.

100% online, part-time and affordable

We offer a 100% online, part-time program to fit around your life and full time work, wherever you live. To avoid any upfront financial burden, the program’s reasonable financial investment can be paid in installments. 

Why Waterloo?

As one of the top 50 engineering schools in the world with globally renowned industry relevance, a master’s degree from Waterloo carries weight in the eyes of employers and technical peers. As a technical professional, your investment in a master’s program is too important to take at an institution that isn’t as well-known and reputable as Waterloo.

What makes this program different?

We believe that a comprehensive, scientific approach to management that can be applied immediately in your organization builds your credibility as a manager and makes a meaningful impact quickly.

This unique program focuses on developing a broad set of skills, including data management, business analytics, supply chain management, people and project management. 

Accelerate your managerial tech career

Enrol in Waterloo’s master’s level management program for technical professionals.

The program is for someone interested in climbing the management path while maintaining their technical skills.

Madelyn Lim, Network Design Engineering, Huawei Technologies (Telecom), Year of graduation: 2024

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Minimum admission requirements on the Graduate Studies page.
*The Online MMSc MOT is a coursework degree that does not require GMAT,  a GRE or supervisor.

Review the Management Science and Engineering application requirements and procedures page for more details.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our graduate coordinators if you need assistance or further clarification. 

Please consider that requests for pre-evaluation cannot be accommodated and you will be redirected to formally apply online. Only complete applications can be reviewed and considered for admission.

Undergraduate qualifications

This program requires a background in calculus and probability. If you don't have the required qualifications, you may want to consider completing some undergraduate-level courses before you apply. 

Waterloo has courses available via the Centre for Extended Learning that can provide you with the math skills you will need in any of our Management Sciences graduate programs whether you’re taking them for the first time or refreshing your skills to re-enter academia.

  • Enrol in MATH 127, MATH 106 and/or PSCYH 292 to be considered for admission to a graduate program in Management Science and Engineering, and
  • Apply for post-degree admission to the MATH course as well as check course requirements and deadlines.

After you have received an email from the Center of Extended Learning (CEL) confirming your acceptance as a post-degree student, please contact us and let us know you are applying to the MMSc online program and would like this course(s) to be considered in your application.

If you are offered admission to our MMSc online program it will be conditional upon the successful completion of MATH 127 (for example), achieving a grade of no less than 70%. 


Exemptions do not apply to the MMSc online program requirements.

Duration and Program Delivery


Most students complete the program one course per term. The entire program is usually completed within two and a half years on a part time basis. 

Length of program : 1 course per term. Total 8 courses. 

The Online MMSc MOT is a part-time professional program.

The University of Waterloo operates on a three term per year basis with each term being four months in total (winter: January-April, spring: May-August, and fall: September-December). 

Note: In the end, the duration of the program is dependent on you and how you are able to proceed within the program guidelines given your other priorities and financial commitments.

Program delivery

The entire Online MMSc MOT program is completed virtually; you do not need to come to campus. No commute required.

Students and faculty participate in tutorials, lectures, discussions, group projects and course assignments. While we invite you to stop by and visit the campus at any time, it is possible to complete the degree fully off campus.

Using the Waterloo LEARN system, we are able to host interactive tutorials, quality lectures and real-time discussions.

Online MMSc MOT courses may include video and PowerPoint lectures, individual written assignments, group based assignments using case studies, projects, business simulation and seminars. Group assignments may be individually graded which means that marks are based on the individual contribution made by each participant.


Lecture times and tutorials vary from instructor to instructor. As room bookings are not a concern, most instructors in the program will work to arrange a time compatible with the majority of their class.

We encourage all students to participate via the live lecture. However, given that time zones, careers and families are often not as flexible as we would like, each lecture is recorded, archived and made accessible. Course participation via the archived materials is possible but we do stress the value of live interaction.


Course enrolment

Part time graduate engineers at the University of Waterloo can enrol in a maximum of one (1) course per term. Students can request to override this maximum to add a second course but it must be approved by the Online MMSc MOT Program Director and the Faculty of Engineering Associate Dean Graduate Studies.

While we do try to stay as flexible as possible, it is important to remember that these are graduate level courses and each course requires on average 12-15 hours each week of dedicated studies.

Required courses 

Students who choose the Online MMSc MOT must complete a total of eight courses (.50 weight) at the 600 or 700 level. Course requirements in the Online MMSc MOT program include:

  • MSCI 602 Strategic Management of Technological Innovation
    This course includes: integrating technology and business strategy; design and evolution of technology strategy; development of the firm's innovative capabilities; creating and implementing systems for innovation; innovation challenges in established firms. In addition to a textbook, cases are used to add realism and context to this course. Priority may be given to Management Sciences students.
  • MSCI 603 Principles of Operations Research

This course surveys a spectrum of models and techniques in Operations Research with emphasis on applications. It focuses on the development of modeling skills, the interpretation of results, sensitivity analysis and computer implementations of decision support systems. Topics include linear, integer and network optimization models. Simulation analysis and other topics in stochastic processes may also be covered. The use of quantitative models in different levels of the decision making hierarchy are illustrated through case studies and readings from the Management Sciences literature. Priority may be given to Management Sciences students.

  • MSCI 605 Organizational Behaviour

Introduction to the concepts of learning, person perception, attitudes and motivation in an organization. Consideration of communication, roles, norms and decision making within a group. Discussion of power, control, leadership and management in light of the above concepts. Priority may be given to Management Sciences students.

  • MSCI 606 Foundations of Senior Management

The course provides a comprehensive background in the management principles needed to effectively enhance interpersonal skills, evaluate organizational performance and apply organizational functioning. In order to provide this broad background, the  subject areas that make up this course include: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Organizational Behaviour, Management, Information Systems, Production and Operations Management and Marketing. Key objectives of the course include (1) to enable confident interactions with functional specialists, (2) to provide tools for the evaluation of organizational performance and (3) to enhance appreciation for the contributions and applications of management theories to organizations. Priority may be given to Management Sciences students.

  • MSCI 607 Applied Economics for Management

This course will examine economic concepts that are useful to management from decisions about proposed investments in process changes or product modifications to strategic considerations for the firm. Topics will include: techniques for financial evaluation of proposed investments; incorporating risk into evaluations; basic concepts from game theory; theory of demand; production functions; cost functions; competitive markets; other market structures. Priority may be given to Management Sciences students.

  • MSCI 609 Quantitative Data Analysis for Management Sciences

Descriptive statistics and probability concepts; discrete and continuous probability distributions; sampling methods and the central limit theorem; estimation and confidence intervals; inference and hypothesis testing; linear regression and correlation; multiple regression and model building.


Exams are arranged through Waterloo's Center for Extended Learning. Online MMSC MOT Students are expected to maintain an overall average of at least 73% at the end of each term.

Learning Outcomes

One of the best decisions I've made is enrolling in this program. It's helping me in my roles right now, dealing with management conversations. I'm very fluent in sharing ideas learned through the program. Management gets highly impressed by the ideas. Everything has been amazing so far. They exactly met my expectations. They had more biz, innovation, and technology content which was my initial objective.

Hassan Hamid, Senior Technical Project Manager, Qualys (Cyber Security), Year of Graduation 2024

Program Features Include: 

  • Flexible to fit your life with 100% online, part-time learning that doesn’t interfere with working full-time and with the ability to pause without penalty and flexible start dates.
  • A reasonable financial investment that can be paid in installments to avoid a significant upfront financial burden.
  • A broad and deep understanding of management with a scientific approach for managing organizations and solving management problems.
  • A relevant curriculum with practical case studies, a focus on technology applications and proven frameworks to apply immediately within your organization.

This program allows me to learn about aspects of management I've never been exposed to. It builds on what I've learned at work and broadens my perspective.

Gary Tong, Senior Manager of IT Portfolio Management, Year of Graduation 2023

Careers and Pathways

The Online MMSc MOT is applicable for engineers and for technology professionals, even those who have been out of school for many years and who may have concerns about their ability to succeed in a master’s program.

Professionals who enrol often have titles such as: 

  • Senior engineer
  • Lead engineer
  • Technical Team Lead
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Technical Specialist
  • IT Specialist or Supervisor
  • Systems Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Technical and Software Architect
  • Product Manager (with technical expertise)
  • Software Developer and Engineer
  • Project Manager (with technical expertise)

Graduates typically assume positions such as:

  • Chief Technology or Engineer Officer
  • IT Manager
  • Senior Technical Product Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Software Development Manager
  • Manager Business Intelligence
  • Systems Manager
  • Technical Operations Manager and Director
  • Product Development Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager and Director
  • Program Director 
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Director Of Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Senior Consultant
  • Director, Information Security Architecture


Fitzgerald Akhibi
The program arms you to work with cross-functional teams. It provides the tools to make sound decisions within organizations. It's meant for functional leaders and people who want to get a better understanding of decision models, supply chains and change management. 
- Fitzgerald Akhibi, Strategic Enterprise Sales, Kinaxis(Supply Chain Software). Year of Graduation 2023
Hamza Quadar
If you are from an engineering background and want to add business management skills, this program is a good fit. It's a good stepping stone and will provide a competitive advantage over other candidates. I wanted a name that spoke for itself. With Waterloo, you don't have to sell the value of the school to employers
- Hamza Quadar, Senior Financial Advisor, Canada Revenue Agency, Year of Graduation 202
Md Mizanur Rahman

I was stuck in a technical role, was not moving up, and felt depressed. The education gained through the online MMSc/MOT program helped me to move into management. As a leader, you need technical management and business skills. My electrical engineering degree provided the technical part, and the MMSc/MOT is where I learned the management side. The program changed my life. It gave me a boost of energy and confidence to make a career change.

I did not have a degree from Canada. The master’s opened more doors in the Canadian job market. Now I’m a graduate of the University of Waterloo. People who see that on my resume or LinkedIn profile show respect, that respect was not there before. Soon after graduating from the program, I applied what I had learnt about optimization techniques to my network planning job and saved the organization over one million dollars.

- Md Mizanur Rahman, P.Eng., MBA, PMP ., Senior Electrical Engineer at Skyline Engineering, Year of Graduation 2015

Michael Braidford

Working in engineering, I felt I required more knowledge and education to prepare me for senior roles, both to grow into technical roles and move into management positions. I found the Waterloo online MMSc/MOT program, which aligned with my goals and catalyzed my career further. I felt comfortable choosing an online program with the University of Waterloo due to its exemplary academic reputation.

The program provided technical and business knowledge that gave me the confidence to excel in management. It's like a technical-focused version of an MBA. Completing it while working impressed my employer, helping me secure a management position. I highly recommend this program to any technical professional seeking career advancement or those in technical management roles looking to advance.

- Michael Braidford P.Eng , MMSc, Manager, Engineering and Spec Gas Plants; Messer Americas. Year of Graduation 2017



Suheer Drwesh

Waterloo's online MMSc/MOT master's program significantly impacted my career. I got my first promotion within six months of starting the master’s program. The program gave me more confidence to set a higher amount for what I expected in a wage. It made a big difference in my salary. I broke even on the tuition within six months of graduating due to a bonus and a salary increase.

 Its flexible online format allowed me to balance work and care for my two children. The interactive classes and support from professors made it feel like a classroom experience. The projects we completed, the presentations we delivered and our interactions with other students all helped me grow as a leader. It gave me more confidence to step into management roles.

The program exceeded my expectations and continues to inspire my professional growth. The main factor in getting my current job in Dubai was the master's. I wouldn’t have gotten the job without it.

-Suheer Drwesh, BSc., Computer Science, MMSc, PMP, Director of Operations, Gro Intelligence (SaaS). Year of Graduation 2012

Tuition and Fees

Cost is assessed on a per course per term basis. You pay for the courses you take as you take them. Figuring the total program cost would be tuition per course multiplied by the number of courses (8).

Please view the student fees site for current tuition rates.

For example:
Tuition for Spring 2022 was: $3,947.00 per course.
The total program cost would be tuition ( $3,947.00)  x required courses (8) = $31,576.00

Additional expenses

Exam administration is included in the tuition fees.

Most standard computer systems are more than sufficient for the online system requirements.

There are no travel costs. 

Additional expenses typically relate to textbooks and most instructors select reading lists within the $100-150 range.


Find more about Management of Science Scholarships  

OSAP and other traditional funding sources

Most traditional academic funding sources, including OSAP, are not available to part-time students. However, 95% of our student body is either fully or partially funded by their employers.

Employer funding

We recommend you get in touch with your human resources department and find out about academic advancement/career and professional development funding opportunities that may be available to you.

International Applicants Resources

As this is a 100% online program, it is not eligible for a study permit to Canada.

Many international students take the Online MMSc MOT to advance their careers with a globally recognized degree that might help them pursue jobs in Canada as well as internationally.


  1. Is this program geared toward engineering and IT professionals?

Yes! This program is for working professionals with STEM backgrounds looking to improve their management knowledge and skills.

  1. Which companies are students, graduates and mentors of this program working for? 

Deloitte, Meta, SunLife Financial, Coca-Cola Canada,  Bell, Microsoft, Siemens, Intact, SAP, DCM, Amazon, University of Waterloo, IBM, Government of Alberta, CNL, TTC, Terraform, KPMG, IBwave solutions group, Accenture, Digital, Lawson Health Research Institute, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd,  Avande, City of Toronto, BMO, RBC, KUBRA, Nestle, Trojan Technologies, Hatch, Scotia Bank, RBC, DND, Provincial Health Services Authority, The Ottawa Hospital, Canadian Cancer Society and many more.

  1. Why choose the Online MMSc MOT over an MBA?

The Online MMSc MOT program focuses on upskilling students with the technical and functional management capabilities to drive a scientific, analytical and quantitative approach to organizational leadership. An MBA focuses on general business administration principles.

  1. How do the class schedules accommodate full-time working professionals?


The Online MMSc-MOT program is for working professionals. It requires no on-campus attendance. Course instructors identify the best time for each group to fit the program around work and other commitments.

Other questions

  1. How does the Online MMSC MOT program compare to the on-campus MMSc program?

All course work for the Online MMSC MOT is oriented to be applied to your immediate work situation. You can create an immediate impact in your organization because it is designed for working professionals.

The online program is also part-time, delivered 100% virtually with no on-campus attendance and focuses on upskilling technical professionals. The on-campus version of the program has a similar curriculum but requires in-person attendance and is less focused on technical professionals. 

  1. What is the difference between Master of Management Sciences compared to a Master of Management?

Both programs cover management topics. A Masters in Management Sciences program however, tends to be more technical and quantitative in nature, whereas a Masters in Management program tends to be broader and more general in its approach. A Masters in Management Sciences program (MMSc), like the Online MMSc Management of Technology, tends to focus on the more technical, quantitative and analytical aspects of management such as operations research, decision-making, data analysis, and modeling. A Masters in Management program covers topics such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, strategy and human resources. 

  1. How long will it take me to obtain the master’s degree?

Most students complete the 8 courses of  this part time program in 2-3 years. Students normally take one course per semester to keep the workload manageable while working full-time.  However, this varies from student to student depending on their availability. 

  1. Is the GRE or GMAT required?

The GRE and GMAT are not required for this program.