Research groups and labs


Group of researchers in discussion inside the games institute

Business Data Analytics Lab at Waterloo

The Business Data Analytics Lab focuses on applying analytics to business problems. In particular, members of our lab are versed in methods and approaches based in statistics, econometrics, optimization, and data management. All or some of the methods may be used to address the buseinss problem at hand. We take a problem first approach in our work and are happy to work with various organizations and individuals in the private and public sector.

More information can be found at Business Data Analytics Lab homepage.

University of Waterloo Touchlab

The Touchlab is a research group dedicated to the study of human-computer interaction and information visualization. We have several active research projects, but our main focus is on leveraging knowledge from the physical world to create improved methods for interacting and playing with information on novel interfaces, such as multi-touch surfaces.

For more details visit the UW TouchLab website.

Waterloo Analytics and Optimization Lab (WANOPT)

Waterloo Analytics and Optimization Lab (WANOPT) conducts research on the theory and application of Optimization to Engineering and Management problems with a focus on mathematical modelling and development of solution algorithms.

More information on WANOPT can be found on their homepage.

Waterloo Management of Integrated Manufacturing Systems (WATMIMS) Research Group

The WATMIMS Research Group was formed in 1984 to promote and coordinate applied projects involving industry and academic researchers in the areas of logistics and manufacturing. It is housed in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at the University of Waterloo, which enables its members to draw on the expertise of colleagues to provide fully-integrated solutions to modern logistics and manufacturing problems.

More information can be found at the WATMIMS website.

The Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE)

The Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE)'s goal is to promote the development of innovative energy systems and policies that enhance social, economic and environmental performance for long term sustainability. More than 70 faculty members working as multi-disciplinary teams across faculties of Engineering, Science and Environmental Studies are involved in research studies with utilities, private sector partners and government agencies to advance work in areas such as solar and wind energy, bioenergy, fuel cells and more.

Visit the WISE website for more information.

Data Science Lab


Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at Waterloo

Waterloo HCI is a university-wide consortium of faculty and students who carry out research in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). Our current research spans areas such as gesture-based interaction, surface computing, citizen science, crowdsourcing, software learning systems, mobile interaction, gaming, and intelligent software systems.

More information can be found at HCI website

The Games Institute

The Games Institute conducts research into the past, present, and future of games. Our researchers span the breadth of related disciplines, from the humanities and social sciences through engineering and computer science. With a research network joining multiple universities and multiple industry partners, we explore the human side of games and game-related technologies and interactions, with the constant goal of understanding the compelling user engagement that games deliver in fields ranging from entertainment, education, health, and business.

Visit the Games Institute website for more information