Atlas Medical wins two pitch competitions, granted award funding

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Atlas Medical Team

Atlas Medical: Daniel Zhou, Jake Fisher, Colin Cooke, Michael Jonas

Four fourth-year MME students - Colin Cooke, Jake Fisher, Michael Jonas, and Daniel Zhou - were recently awarded over $8300 in funding for their fourth-year design project. This team of driven MME students created Atlas Medical, a company whose goal is to postpone the onset and mitigate the existence of pressure injuries injuries in hospital bed-ridden patients.

Pressure injuries, commonly known as bedsores, are the number one hospital-induced illness and they represent a major problem in the healthcare industry and one that will only grow with an aging population. Atlas Medical is currently in the process of developing its first product to combat this issue: the Atlas P1. The Atlas P1 is a variable stiffness mattress unlike any other product on the market as it offers intelligent pressure redistribution, real-time feedback on high-risk areas, and insight into a patient's pressure history.

On November 1, Atlas Medical co-founder Colin Cooke pitched on behalf of Atlas Medical in the Quantum Valley Investments Problem Pitch Competition. Cooke explained the severity of hospital-induced pressure injuries and won the Quantum Valley Investments Problem Pitch Competition, bringing home $5000 in funding and starting a key partnership with the University of Waterloo Problem Lab. Just a day later, the team pitched for the Baylis Medical Capstone Design Award. The judging panel awarded Atlas Medical a $3332 grant and opportunities to receive mentorship from Baylis Medical.

Atlas Medical is looking forward to pitching in the Velocity Fund Finals on November 27.

Atlas Medical is excited to receive this early-stage traction and is open to connecting with mentors, sponsors, and stakeholders who want to work with them to tackle this important problem. Please contact for more information.

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