Professor Michael Worswick received the Market Development Industry Leadership Award from the American Iron and Steel Institute at their Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., for making significant contributions to the competitive use of advanced and ultra-high-strength steel in the automotive market. 

Over his impressive academic career, Worswick and his team in the Waterloo Forming and Crash Lab have advanced the application of high-performance automotive materials to reduce vehicle weight, while maintaining crash safety, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions in internal combustion vehicles and offsetting battery mass in electric vehicles. 

Worswick's award win is a team effort with his colleagues in the Forming and Crash Lab. He lauds the lab's members and goes on to say, "The Forming and Crash Lab research team takes great pride in our strong engagement with industry—this award is a significant recognition of this engagement by an important industry body."

Dr. Worswick's dedication to advancing vehicle weight reduction and crash safety is evident in his extensive industry projects and an impressive record of scholarship and training. He is a leading authority in the field and has led numerous multi-institution research programs, including federal, provincial and industry awards exceeding $100 million in total funding. These projects have fostered collaboration with dozens of companies spanning the entire auto-sector supply chain and continue to shape the industry.

Congratulations to the Forming and Crash Lab on this remarkable achievement! 

Photo credit: American Iron and Steel Institute