MME finalists sweep the competition at innovation pitch

Friday, April 9, 2021

This past Wednesday April 7th, at the Norman Esch pitch competition, a pitch competition amongst the entire UWaterloo Engineering faculty, 4 of the 6 ten-thousand dollar prizes were awarded to teams from the MME department (2 Mechanical, 2 Mechatronics). Mechanical engineering team, Bless Your Sole, earned an additional $3,000 as the winner of the Sedra People’s Choice Award.

Take a brief look at each of our winning teams below:

  1. Bless Your Sole (ME): This team created an ankle exoskeleton to allow people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) to be more mobile. Developed by Anna Xiang, Debrish Sarma, Milos Zivkovic, Taha Malik, Trevor Zhu and Vatsalya Saini.
  2. Canadian Ibex (ME): These four rock-climbing enthusiasts developed a reusable anchoring device designed to absorb energy from a fall to promote climbing safety. Developed by Daniel Bell, Christopher Friedel, Peter Morrow and Justin Swinoga.
  3. EyeMove Technologies (MTE): With feedback from spinal cord injury experts, this team was able to design eye-tracking technology which allows individuals with quadriplegia to control their wheelchair using their eyes. Developed by Oswaldo Ferro, Saeejith Nair, Arjun Narayan and Ali Toyserkani.
  4. Sterilus (MTE): To promote hygiene during checkout in the global pandemic, this team has created a self-cleaning stylus for customers to use at self-service counters. Developed by Pei Liang Guo, Joe Mattekatt and Udeshaya Wadhwa.

Congratulations to all our dedicated and talented winners! 

Read the full article on the winners of the competition on the UWaterloo website