MME PhD wins two awards for her research

Monday, May 17, 2021

PhD student in MME, Bronwyn Forrest, has won two awards, an NSERC CGSD Award and also a Student Research Award from SFPE for her research entitled Human Physiological Response to Fire Exposure: A Comprehensive Model. As cross-disciplinary research, Bronwyn will complete her research at the UW Fire Research Labs under the co-supervision of Paolo Dominelli in Kinesiology and Beth Weckman in MME.

The Student Research Award from SFPE started in 2006. This award is to acknowledge the contribution of exceptional students in supporting fire protection engineering. Each year, the Board of Governors select from numerous nominations from students in their undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate program and evaluate the research based on how relevant is it to the professional field of fire protection.

Congratulations to Bronwyn Forrest on her two awards!