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Interim Department Chair; Professor, PEng.

Contact InformationFathy Ismail



  • BASc (Alexandria, Egypt)
  • MASc (Alexandria, Egypt)
  • PhD (McMaster)

Research Interests

  • Modelling, monitoring and control of machining chatter
  • Developing new strategies for efficient and faster machining of sculptured surfaces
  • Developing techniques for machine health monitoring
  • Applications of experimental modal analysis to the modelling of dynamics of structures


  • ME 548 - Numerically Controlled Machine Tools
  • ME 568 - Noise Analysis and Control
  • ME 743 - Modal Analysis and Modelling
  • ME 745 - Quality Assurance and Reliability in Manufacturing

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Roth, D., Ismail, F., Bedi, S., accepted Aug 2004, “Non-Iterative Feed Scheduling in 5 Axis Machining”, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture.
  • Hamade, R., Ismail, F., accepted July 2004, “A Case for Aggressive Drilling of Aluminum”, Journal of Material Processing, in press.
  • Gray, P., Bedi, S., Ismail, F., accepted August 2004, “Arc-Intersect Method for 5 Axis Tool Positioning”, Journal of Computer Aided Design, in press.
  • Roth, D., Ismail, F., Bedi, S., accepted June 2004, “Mechanistic Modelling of 5-axis milling using an adaptive and local Depth buffer”, Journal of Computer Aided design.
  • Madjlisi, M., Khajepour, A., Ismail, F., Wybenga, M., Rice, B., Mihalic, J., accepted June 2004, “Optimization of Engine Mounting Systems using Experimental FRF Vehicle Model”, International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration, in press.
University of Waterloo