Chapel Choir Audition Details

Chapel Choir (Fall & Winter)


Fall 2021:  All auditions & rehearsal are in Chapel.

  1. Pick an audition time. (coming soon) Open Rehearsal will take place on September 8 at 4pm.
  2. Fill out the 2021 Ensemble Participant Form online before your audition.
  3. Read 2021 Fall Chapel Choir Ensemble Info Sheet   
  4. Register on Quest if you are asking for credit for the ensemble (see notes below)
First rehearsal September 15 at 4pm in the Chapel

Audition Requirements

Students should arrive to their audition warmed up and ready to sing. The audition requires singing a series of vocal exercises and doing some sight-reading (no prepared piece is required). Complete the Chapel Choir Ensemble Participant form online prior to your audition. A copy will be sent to you and the director automatically. 

More about the Chapel Choir

Note: registering for an ensemble on Quest does not mean the director knows you are intending to participate in a given term. You must audition (or if you are not required to audition, then you must notify the director directly).

If you do not pass the audition or are not asked back in the ensemble, you must drop the course on Quest yourself (if you registered in the first place) as this is not automatically done for you