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Music & Culture travel course: The Baltics

Baltics posterApproximate dates: June 28 - July 8, 2019.

Experience the rich musical culture of song in Estonia.  Every five years since 1869, Estonia has held its National Song Festival, LaulapiduIn 2019, more than 30000 singers from around the world will arrive in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital for several days of concerts.  Tallinn, a walled, mediaeval city on the Baltic Sea, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Discover the rich traditions of singing and dance in the homeland of “The Singing Revolution.”
Other musically-rich destinations include Vilnius (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) and Tartu (Estonia).  Dates will be confirmed once the Festival Dates are set.

Music and Culture Baltics Brochure

This trip may be taken for course credit as MUSIC 355. Register either in the Winter or Spring term.

Professor Mark Vuorinen
519-885-0220 ext 24220

Tallinna Song Festival

LaulupiduChildren at Song Festival

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