Noon Hour Concert: Stop the Clock

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EDT

Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock is an immersive concert which brings the audience on a walk through nature in the Riviera Maya, Mexico - my home during the pandemic. By way of storytelling, music, photo and video we share space to feel nature's energy, and connect with the ways in which it speaks into our lives. My improvisational and compositional styles are reflective of the musical worlds which have formed me, from Bach, Debussy and Eric Whittacre to folk, jazz and electronic music. 

At Grebel, I spent 5 years as an OMMC camper and 2 years as an OMMC staff member. My study at Canadian Mennonite University in piano performance and music ministry cultivated a deep desire to make music which provides a communal spiritual space for listeners. I have produced and performed several experimental classical concerts for Mennonite churches and community groups which used diverse performance arts to bring the audiences to consider, play and reflect. Stop the Clock is my first concert made entirely of original piano music, born from heartfelt meditation. 

 I am a local professional pianist (M.Mus., McGill University; B.Mus., Canadian Mennonite University).                                                                                                                               Becky Reesor

Note: Piano books of the scores for the compositions as well as CDs and digital album download cards will be available for sale by donation.


Becky Reesor in the Riviera Maya

Becky Reesor