Section 3: Process


cponcentual process photo

A process is used to place students in their community of practice and patient care rotations.

An overview of the process is outlined below.

  1. Students attend patient care rotation introduction session (March)
  2. Students attend regional showcase for the opportunity to meet and discuss region/practice sites with all 14 RCCs (March/April)
  3. Students add regional preferences (ranking) within CORE ELMS (previously RXpreceptor) (April)
  4. Student lottery exemption forms submitted, if applicable (April)
  5. Region lottery match completed (May/June) 
  6. Student to contact their RCC - introduction, questions, etc. (May/June)
  7. Student profiles completed and resumes uploaded within CORE ELMS (June)
  8. Practice site match (October)
  9. Students upload completed documentation of all pre-rotation requirements within the "Requirements" section of CORE ELMS (e.g., First Aid/CPR, N95 Mask Fit, immunizations, etc.). Students also contact their RCC/practice site to complete any additional site-specific requirements (due: December 1st)
  10. Students complete pre-rotation modules within LEARN (January)
  11. Students attend a patient care rotation pre-departure session (January)

Section 2: Learning objectives, course outlines and assessments Section 4a: Professionalism and confidentiality