Examplify student resources

Waterloo Pharmacy uses a cloud-based exam software called Examplify to administer exams. Examplify is a program created by the company called ExamSoft. It will be installed on your personal device in order for you to take secure electronic exams. Your grades will then be posted to the ExamSoft web portal. For questions about electronic exams at the School of Pharmacy contact phr.examsoftsupport@uwaterloo.ca.

Introduction to Examplify

Examplify is a computer-based testing platform used in many post-secondary institutions. It has great features like question and answer randomization, question flagging, and also has features to ensure exam security.

Support articles can be found on the ExamSoft Support site. Use the search bar to find specific information or click on the Exam Takers button to find currated articles that help students get up and running in the platform. There is also an ExamSoft Status Page that you can access on the top right corner. Go there to find out what issues have been reported to ExamSoft.

Installing Examplify

For a demonstration of how to install and use Examplify, see this Get Started with Examplify Video Guide (UW uses the Legacy portal). You are advised to use either Chrome or Firefox to download Examplify.

Complete the following before installing Examplify:

Note these details:

  • Institution ID: University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy
  • ExamSoft user portal (UW uses the Legacy portal)examsoft.com/uwaterloo
    • You will login under ‘Exam Takers’ with your WATIAM credentials

Then follow the device-specific instructions below:

Once Examplify is installed, complete the practice test to familiarize yourself with the program (Practice test password: exam123)

Electronic exam instructions

Before your test:

  • Familiarize yourself with the exam process by taking the practice test
  • Run all pending Windows or Mac updates (this can take an hour or more so please do it before you download your test)
  • Download the test (can only be downloaded on one device)
  • Restart your laptop
  • Familiarize yourself with the University's test writing policies

Day of the test:

  • Turn off your anti-virus
  • Bring your power cord
  • Close all files or open programs
  • Open Examplify and click on your exam
  • Your instructor will provide the password
  • Remember to bring your WatCard

After the test:

  • Ensure your anti-virus is back on
  • Restart your computer

Troubleshooting technical issues

For a mid-exam freeze or crash, rebooting the computer without closing Examplify usually solves the problem. Your work is safely backed up automatically by Examplify.

For additional technical support for University of Waterloo students, see the Student IT Services website.

Contact ExamSoft

For support while writing an exam, contact phr-it@uwaterloo.ca.

For support before or after writing an exam, contact phr.examsoftsupport@uwaterloo.ca.

For support outside of business hours (8:30am-4:30pm), contact ExamSoft directly:

Exam Taker Support Line

Available 24 hours a day 
(866) 429-8889

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don’t have access to my computer and I have an exam to write?

Pharmacy IT has back-up iPads to take your exams on in this scenario. If you know you are in this position, please contact phr-it@uwaterloo.ca ASAP.

Are my answers in Examplify auto-saved?

Yes, Examplify saves your work automatically every 60 seconds. Additional timely backups and snapshots occur as well to ensure that your answer selections and content are safe.

Is it normal that it takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes when starting and/or uploading a secure exam?

Yes. The time it takes to start or upload an exam can vary drastically depending on several factors. Software, the device and the processes/applications that need to be closed can affect this. To help, ensure all files and applications are closed before starting a test.

Does my anti-virus software have to be turned off even when I am doing an unsecure or mock exam?

Yes. Whenever you are using Examplify, your anti-virus should be turned off. Even before installing and launching the program. Keeping it on could cause technical issues. These issues can occur intermittently and unpredictably so even if you have taken a practice exam without incident, you may still encounter a problem during an actual exam. See Disabling Antivirus for instructions.

How do electronic exams differ from paper exams?

Examplify randomizes question order for exams. The ExamSoft portal also provides secure online reporting. 

Why does my exam upload fail on the first attempt after completing exams?

Some devices require an amount of time to reconnect to wireless internet after an exam. If your exam upload fails, it usually means your device has yet to reconnect to the internet. Please resolve this by checking your wireless settings and ensuring you are connected to 'eduroam', then re-upload your exam.

To prevent this error from occurring, you can adjust your Examplify preferences as described in this link: Resolving repeated "No Internet Connection" message.

How do I uninstall Examplify?

How do I access my grades after an Exam?

To access your test results after your instructor has made them available, go to the ExamSoft Portal.

Then follow steps on ExamSoft's support website: Steps to view test results

Where can I download the most up-to-date version of Examplify?

It is important to always keep Examplify up to date. You can download the newest version from our ExamSoft User portal (where you check your grades). A blue “download” button will be on the landing page once you login. See more info about Examplify updates.

How do I remove an exam download?

Sometimes an exam download needs to be removed so you can take it on another device. Follow the steps found on this page, Remove a Downloaded Exam.

Why does Examplify change my desktop image after an exam and how can I fix this?

During an exam, Examplify imposes certain security settings. After the exam, if Examplify could not automatically restore the original settings on your Windows device, you might notice issues such as missing buttons, missing splash screens, replaced wallpaper, or an inability to reconnect to a network. In this situation, a restart of the device is the best first step. If the problem persists you can run Examsoft's EsWinsr program to restore the settings to their initial state.

What do I do if I experience an Examplify issue while I am completing an exam remotely?

Shut your device off as soon as you notice the issue and contact phr-it@uwaterloo.ca

Is completing a test on an iPad the same as on a computer?

For the most part, completing an exam on an iPad is the exact same experience as completing on a computer. There are some minor differences related to the iPad’s touch screen, e.g., to make text sizes bigger you pinch to zoom the screen, rather than using the slider bar in the exam toolkit, or to highlight text you double tap the screen instead of using the highlighter button. Also, if the exam is secure, there is an extra step of turning on Airplane mode when using an iPad.

Of note, there is an option in ExamSoft that your instructors can enable where the exam is non-secure, but blocks access to the internet only (i.e. files are accessible but the web is not).  It is not very commonly used, but this type of assessment cannot be taken on an iPad. As a result, it is a good idea to have Examplify installed on a computer as a back up in case this scenario presents itself.