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Pharmacist and epidemiologist JM Gamble joins Waterloo Pharmacy

Friday, November 10, 2017

J.M. GamlbeThe Waterloo School of Pharmacy is pleased to welcome Associate Clinical Professor J.M. Gamble to the faculty. Gamble joins Waterloo Pharmacy from Memorial University in Newfoundland.

“Dr. J.M. Gamble is a pharmacist and pharmacoepidemiologist whose research relates primarily to the safety and effectiveness of medications used in the treatment of diabetes,” says Hallman Director David Edwards. “As we know, diabetes is an important disease which affects a large number of Canadians and we are pleased to add J.M.’s clinical and research expertise in this area to our faculty.” 

Gamble has studied and worked across the country. He began his academic training at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. He then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the University of Alberta, where he also completed his Masters and PhD. His current projects include a CIHR operating grant to study the comparative safety and effectiveness of the some of the newest treatments for diabetes. 

“Our research team aims to provide real-world evidence to enhance our current knowledge of the potential benefits and harms of diabetes medications. We are particularly interested in outcomes that are important to patients.”

Gamble’s experience in diabetes research and training as a clinical epidemiologist make him a valuable addition to Waterloo Pharmacy’s faculty. With expertise as both a pharmacist and epidemiologist, he blends knowledge of pharmacy practice and robust research methods and generates findings that can improve the health of Canadians.

“I am thrilled to join the School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo and contribute to the leading-edge programs for training the next generation of pharmacists and health scientists. The research climate at Waterloo encourages innovation and creativity and is one that is personally very appealing.”

His research group also examines a variety of other topics like post-marketing drug safety and effectiveness, evaluation of pharmaceutical policies, and knowledge translation of drug information. He also holds a CIHR New Investigator Award and a Clinician Scientist Award from Diabetes Canada.

Welcome, Dr. Gamble!

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