Anita M. Myers

Distinguished Professor Emerita

​Cross appointment with the Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo

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PhD Psychology (York University)


Crendentialed Evaluation

Fellow: Canadian Evaluation Society and Gerontological Association of America

Teaching interests

Health Program Evaluation, Aging, Health and Well-being

Research interests

Older adults are the fastest growing segment of the driving population which raises safety concerns as this group is disproportionately involved in fatal, at-fault collisions per distance driven. Concerns for public safety, however, must be balanced against the costs of population level, age-based screening, the onus on physicians to report at-risk patients, and needs of older adults for continued, independent mobility (including environmental design and access to public transportation). Addressing these issues requires a multi-faceted, collaborative approach for both research and knowledge mobilization.

For instance, I have assisted the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario in evaluating and revising their Senior Driver Renewal Program which is mandatory for all drivers in Ontario every two years once they reach the age of 80. I also led a project which compared  licensing policies and procedures for regulating medically-at-risk and older drivers across Canada. We then used web-based technologies to promote and evaluate the utilization of a website containing both Canada and US polices. Several of my graduate students have conducted studies on the self-regulatory driving practices of both healthy older drivers and those with neurological disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease), using in-vehicle devices including GPS. As part of the Candrive team of researchers, we are conducting an ongoing prospective cohort study of drivers aged 70 and over. This multi-centre study funded by CIHR, which began in 2009 in nine Canadian cities, and subsequently added sites in  Australia and New Zealand, in unique in size (over 1,200 participants recruited), duration and scope. While one of our primary objectives is to develop a clinical decision-rule for identifying at-risk drivers (suitable for use in physician’s office), this study also enables us to address other important research questions. A related initiative funded by CIHR-CCNA involves developing and evaluating an intervention for drivers with dementia and their caregivers to facilitate the decision to stop driving and support the transition to non-driving. Together with Drs. Bigelow, Crizzle and other researchers at UW, we are also working on a project for Transport Canada focusing on improving the health and wellness of commercial motor vehicle drivers (truck and bus).  

Major funding sources

Major awards

  • Contribution to Evaluation in Canada and Contribution to Gerontology

Selected publications

  • Myers A.M. Program Evaluation for Exercise Leaders.  Champaign IL: Human Kinetics. 1999. 
  • Crizzle, A.M., Myers, A.M., Roy, E., Almeida, Q.J. Associations between falls, balance confidence, driving speed, braking and other driving practices in Parkinson’s disease. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, 2015 in press.
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