Quantum Matters at Waterloo

Quantum Matter is a branch of physics that includes the experimental and theoretical exploration of quantum phenomena in bulk materials, atomic systems, micro or nano-scale devices, quantum computers and information systems. It encompasses the traditional areas of:

  • Condensed matter experiment
  • Condensed matter theory
  • Atomic and molecular optics
  • Quantum information


  1. Mar. 17, 2014Michel Gingras awarded "Outstanding Referee" from the American Physical Society

    Michel Gingras awarded "Outstanding Referee" from the American Physical Society

  2. July 4, 2013Andrew Achkar and David Pomaranski win the 2013 Special Graduate Scholarship

    Congratulations to Andrew and David for the award, which recognizes excellence in research during the graduate program.


  3. Nov. 13, 2012Roger Melko receives the IUPAP C20 Young Scientist Prize

    Roger Melko has been awarded the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Young Scientist Prize in Computational Physics.

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