Master of Environment and Business (info for section)


The Master of Environment and Business (MEB) is a part-time program is aimed at meeting the growing need for business sustainability professionals as a distinct group of knowledgeable, skilled, confident and motivated individuals with the information, tools and expertise to integrate environment with business in very practical ways.

The MEB program will offer you a MBA-equivalent degree through online courses with minimal on-campus study, and with course materials distributed over the Internet.

Advance your career

Graduates will be prepared for senior level positions, primarily as team-leaders or in strategic positions in corporations, and in medium and small businesses seeking to change to more sustainable practices.

Our students also work in consulting firms, sustainability-focused NGOs, government departments, public organizations (hospitals, school boards, etc) and international agencies.

They are employed as:

  • Sustainability Directors
  • Policy Advisors and analysts
  • Environmental coordinators, planners and project managers
  • Consultants
  • Owners/partners

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