How the Fellowship program has positively impacted my university life

Monday, March 1, 2021
by Chelsea, MAcc student

Hello, my name is Chelsea and

Photo of Chelsea
I just recently graduated from the Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) program. I’ve just started my Masters in January and and I’m so excited about that! My three-year Fellowship experience has been a fun and helpful ride. I have definitely gained lots of valuable skills from building a positive relationship with my Honouree and taking on Fellowship roles.

I was fortunate to be paired with a caring and friendly Honouree when I first joined the program. My Honouree works at the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC). I remember during our very first meeting, we started our conversations by talking about the university fair, and slowly got to know each other better. In the following years, aside from our in-person coffee chats, we met once a year at the SAF awards dinner. Even during the pandemic, I still had the chance to meet and chat with my Honoree virtually. Being paired with an Honouree has brought me significant mental wellness support back when I was a second-year student, who was still exploring the school and program, since I knew that she would always be there for me as a mentor if I encountered any problems.

Additionally, I found the Fellowship Program has shaped me to be a more confident person. Throughout the three years I have been taking on multiple Fellowship roles, including being a research assistant (RA), a teaching assistant (TA), and student peer learning champion (SPL). The TA and RA roles have taught me to think creatively, and the SPL role has inspired my interests in connecting with lower-year students and helped me to feel more comfortable speaking in public by sharing my study tips with the students. All the skills I learned not only helped me better recognize my strengths, but also allowed me to improve my weaknesses, where some of the improvements have contributed significantly to my success in a workplace setting.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the program, and I would definitely encourage students who are interested to apply — you won't regret it!