Why are there so many choices?

ouf kyrieBefore applying for University, we are faced with the important decision of figuring out which schools we want to actually apply for. For me the choice was easy, the University of Waterloo, however, I still wanted to find out more about other schools just in case I found a better fit for me. That is why I attended the OUF (Ontario Universities fair) in Toronto this year.

Throughout the day, I went around to all the Universities that seemed relevant for the programs I am looking into. At every booth, I talked to either one of the students or faculty from the programs that I am interested in and asked them the same questions. This was my way of gauging whether or not a school will be a good fit for me. As I asked my questions I was expecting most of the schools to have similar answers, however, they were all surprisingly different. This helped open me up to the possibility of applying to schools I did not think I would have originally applied to. It was also interesting checking out the RMC (Royal Military Colleges) while I was there. I had never really considered the RMC as an option for post-secondary until I went to OUF this year and got more information about it. This just goes to show that I will never really have a clear picture of what I want to do before I check out all of my options. OUF was a big help for me this year in narrowing down which schools I want to apply to. If you are in grade 12 this year, I am hoping you attended OUF. If you are going into grade 12 next year I would highly recommend going to OUF 2020.

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