Finance Research Community

The Finance Research Community conducts research into numerous aspects of financial markets including the pricing of financial securities, investment strategies, financial intermediation, risk management, and the financing of corporate activities. Research methodologies include theoretical modelling to systematically investigate frontier questions, advanced empirical techniques to investigate specific testable hypotheses, and simulation techniques to provide insight when general solutions become intractable. The Finance Research Community also takes advantage of cross-disciplinary expertise, often focusing on research questions that integrate with the accounting, economics, statistics and computer science disciplines.

Alan Douglas

Associate Professor; Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor; Finance

Research Interests: Issues relating to corporate finance, economics, and accounting, with a focus on corporate incentives.

Tu Nguyen

Associate Professor, Finance, J. Page R. Wadsworth Junior Chair in Accounting and Finance

Research Interests: Corporate governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Executive Compensation.

Blake Phillips

Director, School of Accounting and Finance

Research Interests: Mutual Funds and Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds and Risk Management, Market Efficiency and Empirical Asset Pricing, Derivatives and Risk Management.

James R. Thompson

Associate Professor, Finance; Computer and Financial Management Co-Director

Research Interests:

Risk Transfer Markets, Banking, Insurance, Compensation in Organizations.