Accounting and Financial Management

The lens of accounting and finance leads to a worldview that breaks boundaries and opens doors every day.

Investors and businesses are using financial information in different ways. Financial systems are being revolutionized by technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Graduates from the Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) program approach business challenges and issues with insight that draws from a foundation at the intersection of accounting and finance in which technology and analytics contribute to driving and leading decision-making.

The pathway to your professional career isn't just what happens in the classroom. It will be defined by the networks you create, competitions you participate in, clubs you contribute to, and the value you give and gain through your co-op work terms.

As an AFM student, you'll design your own academic and career pathway based on the experiences you'll gain from the courses you take, the co- and extracurricular initiatives you participate in, and the co-op work terms you complete.

You'll dive into accounting and finance to learn how to bring financial leadership to business issues while positioning yourself as a valuable member of the team and organization. You'll do this by:

  1. Developing your entrepreneurial mindset to become an expert in all stages of a business.
  2. Being in the driver's seat to lead peers and yourself in tackling problems and cases to maximize your understanding of critical business startup and growth issues.
  3. Building your analytical prowess by learning how to apply, select, analyze, and effectively interpret data.
  4. Gaining the know-how to become business savvy by learning how technology impacts business, and successfully leveraging it.
  5. Polishing your professional skills to enhance your analytical and people skills - teamwork, relationship-building, and communication.
  6. Strengthening your people skills outside of the classroom by participating in workshops, tutorials, conferences, and competitions.

By the time you graduate, you'll have the unique mindset and financial expertise to provide new perspectives and unique solutions that positively impact global economies.