Sustainability and Financial Management

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Lead the change. Shape a greener future.

The only one of its kind in Canada, the SFM program is strategically designed to meet current and growing labour market demands in the fields of sustainable finance and accounting.

Globally, we’re seeing a growing connection between environmental issues and corporate interests. Today’s investors, businesses, and governments care about sustainability as well as dollars and cents.

Sustainable finance is giving rise to a greener future while moving away from the limited approaches of the past. There’s value in aligning environmental responsibility with profits, using environmental, social, and governance reporting to drive policy- and decision-making for long-term success.

That means demand for a new breed of green financial experts.

Are you ready to lead the way? As an SFM student, you’ll learn how to step up, drive change, and align people, profits, and the planet to shape a brighter and greener future by:

  1. Developing your entrepreneurial mindset to become an expert in all stages of business.
  2. Training to be a critically minded professional through team and problem-based learning to tackle wicked sustainability problems facing society. 
  3. Polishing your eco-warrior expertise in industrial ecology, environmental management systems, and social marketing to integrate sustainability into business practices.
  4. Building your analytical prowess by learning how to apply, select, analyze, and effectively interpret data.
  5. Gaining the know-how to become business savvy by learning how technology impacts businesses to successfully leverage it.
  6. Strengthening your people skills outside of the classroom by participating in workshops, tutorials, conferences, and competitions.

By the time you graduate, you'll have the unique mindset and financial expertise to drive digital transformation, reimagine greener businesses, and advance social, environmental, and economic impact.

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Young people have the ability to see the world in different ways, and we can’t solve the biggest challenges in our society without them.

That’s a message I believe in wholeheartedly, and one of many I shared with colleagues, partners and community members as RBC announced a combined $3.5 million donation over five years to the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University and Conestoga College

Dave McKay, President & CEO RBC

Globalization of businesses and increased public interest from consumers and investors have meant that organizations are demonstrating how their companies are governed responsibly and doing good for the environment and society. Additionally, employers today are expecting more from their employees than just technical skills. Business leaders are wanting professionals who have the judgement, collaborative, and team skills backed with ethics and integrity to navigate and harness the power of big data to drive business solutions and decisions.

Monday, February 8, 2021

AFM and Sustainable Finance

In my past 4 years in AFM, terms such as environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have increased exponentially in importance and frequency when discussing any business. Given my past co-op work terms in finance, accounting, and most recently a not-for-profit organization (NPO), I was interested in how this renewed focus on sustainability would play out as we as a society continue to challenge the responsibilities and duties that a corporation should undertake.