Taxation Faculty

Andrew Bauer

Associate Professor, Taxation: Canadian Research Chair in Taxation, Governance and Risk
Picture of Andrew Bauer
519-888-4567 x46516
Location: HH 3112
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Sepideh Ebrahimi

Assistant Professor, Emerging Technologies
Sepideh Ebrahmi
519-888-4567 x41893
Location: HH 386C
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Ken Klassen

Professor; J. Page R Wadsworth Senior Chair in Accounting and Finance; Director of Centre for Taxation in a Global Economy
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519-888-4567 x48550
Location: HH 3119
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Deborah Kraft

Continuing Lecturer; Deputy Director Programs; Master of Taxation Program Director
Deb Kraft
416- 597-2147
Location: MTax Office Toronto
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David Lin

Lecturer, Taxation
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519-888-4567 x43071
Location: HH 383B

Julie Robson

Continuing Lecturer, Taxation
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519-888-4567 x45385
Location: HH 3111
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Dan Rogozynski

Lecturer, Taxation; Master of Accounting Co-Director
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519-888-4567 x47119
Location: HH 3111
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Kaishu Wu

Assistant Professor, Taxation
Kaishu Wu
519-888-4567 x48013
Location: HH 290H
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