myBusiness Student Testimonials

Dhrutaaksh Jhaveri (2A Biotechnology Economics Honours Coop)

"As a student going into their first co-op term, I was overwhelmed by the different resume templates, cover letters, interview guidelines, etc. This was when Professor Kashif announced myBusiness and I was excited to sign up because Prof. Kashif always gave great advice. Once I got started, I set up a meeting with Prof. Kashif and helped me tailor my resume to the job prospects I was looking for. After that my resume looked professional and only included relevant experiences in an orderly fashion. In my opinion, myBusiness is a tool in your arsenal to become a more developed professional, so I request you to be a part of this program because it is really going to help you. SIGN UP!!!"

Tapasya Shah (1B Science and Business, Honours Coop, Biology Specialization)

“MyBusiness is one of the best courses. It is practical and goes beyond the book. It made me introspect and realized my true being. I got to know my uniqueness. I learnt my strengths and how to make an efficient use of it and grab opportunities. On the other hand, I also learnt how to improve on my weak spots and eliminate threats that may posses. It also helped me set a vision for myself based on my qualities and values. The discussions with Professor Kashif after each module, was a great way to understand where I went wrong and improve on it. He asked questions that got me to think deeper and introspect better. The discussions with him were like opening new areas of your brain. He is one of the few people who not only shows you the correct path but also teaches you on how to think, ‘know’ and follow the correct path. It was indeed wonderful course that set me up for not just my professional life but also my personal life. I would recommend each student to take the course to achieve their full potential and succeed.”

Samantha Kremer (2A Science and Business, Honours Coop, Biology Specialization)

"Beginning this semester, I was ready for a break from schoolwork and excited to begin earning coop credit. Preparing for my first coop term came with its own struggles though. Between the mild burnout from studying for 4 consecutive terms, working full-time throughout summer, and participating in university clubs like SBSA and SBAT, I was doing everything in my power to have an ‘easy’ semester- as easy as it could be at least. MyBusiness was mentioned early in the semester and my first impression of it was “how is this any different than PD1 or the career centre resources?” and I almost didn’t sign up. Like a few other students I talked to about it, I wanted to avoid the extra work that I thought would be associated with it. It wasn’t until Professor Memon began talking about MyBusiness in his weekly office hours that I decided to give it a try and I realized a few things. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the content, but my first notions of the material were immediately broken once I met with Professor Kashif to discuss the first module. Unlike the PD1 material or the career centre meetings, there was time made for discussions on real life scenarios in relation to the content. These conversations made me think about different things to keep in mind when writing my answers, and, most importantly, made me think about why I answered in the way I did. MyBusiness forced me to think more in depth about my goals, values and action plans and provided access to one of the most important resources you can have- a network. I’m very satisfied with the content and find myself allocating more time towards reflection and my goals than I did before participating in the course. I truly think MyBusiness will help propel me towards my desired future as it forced me to think more in depth about myself, both in a personal and professional sense, and helped me develop the tools to market myself now and in the future."

Smiksha Sharma (1B Science and Business, Honours Coop, Biology Specialization)

"With the changing professional environment, it's a fact that education alone does not determine success. Now more than ever, it's important to grow both personally and professionally to be able to market ourselves for the careers of our choice. Through myBusiness I was able to expand on concepts that we learned in class, such as the SWOT analysis and UVP, and apply them to myself. Not only did this allow me to gain an understanding of how to conduct a self-assessment and implement self-marketing strategies to build a personal brand, but also enhanced my university experience by improving my confidence in the strengths I bring to the table. Reflecting on what I have to offer has made it easier to perform interviews and made me more comfortable with taking up opportunities as they present themselves. Additionally, getting one-on-one career management advice with Dr. Memon gives a chance to ask questions and seek guidance on how to optimize university experience, as well as gain an upper hand in a professional work environment, such as that of co-ops and jobs. There is more beyond the world of university, and in my opinion, myBusiness does a great job in assisting to find what the next step can be, by giving a chance to consider what skills, values, and vision one has. To the credit of myBusiness I now recognize my competitive advantage and am in the process of developing a powerful personal portfolio. My experience with the myBusiness program was irreplaceable and I would recommend anyone who has the chance to be a part of the program, to experience the impact of myBusiness firsthand."

Naba Ahsan (1B Science and Business, Honours Coop, Biotechnology Specialization)

"As a first-year student, entering an extremely competitive and new environment was something that always concerned me when making the transition from high school to university. The fear of being able to identify what made me my own person and differentiated me from others was something I was scared to struggle with as I wanted to stand out and display the distinct leadership and strong traits, I knew I possessed as an individual. mybusiness has undoubtedly provided me with the opportunity and ability to help me discover what makes me unique, and different as my own person! It has given me the chance to connect with professors and upper year students who have the knowledge and wisdom to help me excel in all that I do, while also guiding me on how to achieve all that I want to accomplish. Mybusiness has provided me with a sense of belonging and comfort within the scbus program, through making me more aware of the qualities I posses in terms of both assets and weaknesses and more importantly how to use those weaknesses to help better my character as a whole! I can definitely say that mybusiness has eased my first-year experience and has been a support system and mentorship program that has greatly helped me develop myself within the span of just a few months! I look forward to continuing to be a part of mybusiness and urge anyone interested to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and get started as well!"