Celebrating WatSolve

Monday, August 10, 2020
Handshake with blue Waterloo branded mug and notebook on the table.

WatSolve Consulting Group celebrates a milestone by working with 22 start-ups in KW! WatSolve is a pro-bono student-led group within the Science and Business Program.

Since 2017, WatSolve has done 38 projects for 22 clients. These projects range from financial audits to market reports and more. They support WatSolve's mission to grow start-ups by providing lasting business solutions. At the same time, WatSolve hopes to provide students with great learning opportunities. This is done by working on client projects with skills acquired in lectures, but whose scopes reach far beyond the classroom.  

SCBUS workshops play a key role in WatSolve’s success. Members often apply many of the skills learned in class to their client projects. For example, PESTEL and SWOT models are useful tools that give insight to key aspects of a company and its competition.

In addition to experiential learning, members also have mentorship from upper year students via internal and client projects. This will be valuable for a lot of incoming members in Fall 2020, since they will be missing the chance to interact with each other on campus.

If you want to learn more about WatSolve, visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Visit their website for more info about their services, hiring, and operational updates.