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Waterloo School of Pharmacy

Canada's only co-operative education based Doctor of Pharmacy degree program.

Pharmacists lead patient centered care

It’s an exciting time to become a Canadian pharmacist. The scope of the professional practice is expanding. Patient focused pharmaceutical care will increasingly involve comprehensive medication management, prescribing authority, and immunization of patients. A combination of unique attributes makes the Waterloo School of Pharmacy a launching pad for the medication therapy experts of Canada’s future healthcare system. No other Canadian pharmacy program offers students such a broad range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program

A Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree prepares you to become a registered pharmacist (RPh). You must complete a specific set of courses at the university level to qualify for admission into Pharmacy. This typically requires you to have been enrolled in a university Bachelor of Science program (BSc) of your choice for a minimum of two years.

Choose from 3 pathways to the Waterloo School of Pharmacy

1. Waterloo Science with CAP status

If you are an outstanding high school student, CAP status can give you pre-admission to Pharmacy and a clear path to becoming a pharmacist. There is competition for these spots (we admit about 25 CAP students a year), but if you succeed, you’ll have a place in the school reserved for you, as long as you continue to meet the basic requirements.
Steps to apply
  1. Check your eligibility.
  2. Apply to CAP.
  3. Apply to Honours Science, Life Sciences-Biology, or Life Sciences-Biomedical Sciences.
  4. Complete PharmD academic admission requirements.
  5. Maintain CAP status.
  6. Begin at the School of Pharmacy.

2. Waterloo Science

Use a Waterloo Science program as a pathway to Pharmacy and graduate with two degrees: Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD).
Steps to apply
  1. Apply to Honours ScienceLife Sciences-BiologyLife Sciences-Biomedical Sciences and complete requirements in about 2 years. Or, apply to another Waterloo Science program of your choice (keeping in mind it may take you more than 2 years to meet academic requirements). Check with the Science Recruitment Coordinator to find out more about programs to choose and how long it might take to meet the Pharmacy requirements.
  2. Complete academic admission requirements.
  3. Complete non-academic requirements.
  4. Apply to PharmD at Waterloo School of Pharmacy.

3. Other Universities

You can choose to meet the Pharmacy requirements at a university other than Waterloo and your application will be considered equally among those from Waterloo students.

Steps to apply
  1. Identify the program at another university you are interested in.
  2. Contact to ensure the courses you plan take meet our requirements.
  3. Apply to appropriate program at a university other than Waterloo.
  4. Complete academic admission requirements.
  5. Complete non-academic requirements.
  6. Apply to PharmD at Waterloo School of Pharmacy.

What makes Waterloo Pharmacy different?

Canada’s only co-operative education-based pharmacy program – 
Access over 900 pharmacy related employers throughout the country and internationally and enhance your learning on paid co-op work terms in a range of settings, like community and hospital pharmacies, long-term care facilities, government, the pharmaceutical industry, and family health teams. 
Extensive business curriculum – Acquire sought after skills in pharmacy business management, communication, entrepreneurship, and patient service.
Integrated learning – Get the foundational knowledge you need in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, along with the latest developments in clinical, behavioural, and social sciences.

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