13 March 2014 Policy Post

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Alice Raynard, assistant university secretary, Secretariat & Office of General Counsel

Subject: Housekeeping Changes to Two Class S Policies (Polices 5 and 18)

Date: 31 March 2014

Please refer to the Secretariat & Office of General Counsel website for a revised version of Policy 5 – Salary Administration – University Support Staff, and Policy 18 – Staff Employment, which were approved by the President on 28 March 2014.

Changes to Policy 5 consist in: 

  • the cancellation of section 4, to reflect the integration of housekeepers and janitors with the rest of the University’s staff within the USG grades; and
  • an amendment to appendix A, to appropriately reflect the titles of the members of PACSC.

Changes to Policy 18 consist essentially of clarifications:

  • A clarification about Human Resources’ role when a staff member loses her or his job due to organizational change (in section 3, “Appointments” and first paragraph in section 5);
  • The possibility to skip steps during progressive discipline (in section 4, “Exceptions to Performance Improvement”);
  • The ability for hiring managers to expand the pool of applicants for USG 6-15 (in appendix A, “Preparing to Recruit”, and in appendix G);
  • A clarification about the process relating to temporary reassignments (in appendix B “Temporary Reassignments Within Organizational Unit”);
  • Minor clarifications in “Notice and Severance Entitlement Information” (in appendix E, re column D of “Notice and Severance Entitlement” and “Salary Continuation option”);

The addition of appendix G “Interpretations”, to include recent interpretations of terms and processes relating to particular aspects of the policy.