Research centres and institutes

University of Waterloo Research Centres and Institutes; Administrative Centres; Outside Centres and Institutes Where University of Waterloo is a Partner


  • institute (main focus is research);
  • research centre (main focus is research);
  • administrative centre (primarily administrative; however, some collateral research activities may be pursued from time to time).

 “Research” and “administrative” do not need to appear in the name of the centre.  Institutes and research centres will be listed on the Office of Research (ORA) website. 

Approval Routes

Institutes and research centres, including outside institutes and research centres where University of Waterloo is a partner require Senate Graduate & Research Council (SGRC) and Senate approval and are subject to review every five years; administrative centres are the responsibility of the university officer with financial responsibility for the centre (usually the dean or deans when the centre is multi-faculty, or the vice-president, academic & provost when the centre is institutional).

Research Centres and Institutes

See Policy 44
See Guidelines for the Establishment of Centres and Institutes
See Guidelines for the Review of Centres and Institutes
See a Template for the Organization and Management Research Centres and Institutes

Administrative Centres

On behalf of Senate Graduate & Research Council (SGRC), the SGRC co-chairs are responsible for determining whether a centre is a research centre or an administrative centre.  Proposals should be forwarded to the Secretary of SGRC for consideration.

Deans are responsible for developing guidelines (criteria) for establishing administrative centres and requiring five-year reviews.

Approved by Senate
November 17, 2008