Research groups

Guidelines for the Establishment of Research Groups

A Research Group is normally formed in order to identify and co‐ordinate a particular research activity within an academic department and, thereby, to promote that activity, solicit funding and facilitate communication among interested faculty members. Although researchers from other departments and faculties within the University will be eligible to apply for membership, normally the members of a group will be predominantly from one department.

The official recognition and designation of a Research Group is at the approval of the appropriate department chair/school director, faculty dean and vice‐president, university research. In granting such approval, the chair/director and deans must ensure that:

1. The formation of the Research Group enhances a particular activity without detracting from existing academic programs.

2. The Research Group has a constitution that identifies its organizational structures, conditions of membership, reporting procedures and a mechanism for regular review and assessment.

3. Any commitments by the department/school & faculty dean to provide space, teaching relief or other resources, including overhead from contract research, are documented in a written statement signed by the director of the Research Group, chair/director and faculty dean.

4. Notice of the formation of the research group is communicated to the vice‐president, university research, who in turn informs the Senate Graduate & Research Council (SGRC) and Senate. The notice should include the following information:

• Name of Research Group

• Statement of objectives and rationale for formation

• Constitution

• Statement of understandings and agreements among the Research Group, department/school and faculty dean

• List of members and abbreviated CVs

• Review mechanism (which should include a brief annual report to the vice‐president, university research documenting activities)

A designated Research Group has the privileges of:

• identification as a separate unit for University publication purposes and use of University letterhead with the Group designation

• a separate set of accounts for the Group's use

Approved by Senate Grad & Research Council – Sept. 14, 1989

Revised: 1990