Dealing with Incompletes (INCs)

Information about Incompletes (INC)

Please refer to Math Faculty’s guidelines regarding INC requests for procedures and rules in general.

Below are some reasonable examples for denying a student's INC request:

  • No relevant documentation that covers the exam date
  • The student does not meet certain course outline criterion (e.g. you may have a clause that says if they do not write x number of tests, they do not qualify for an INC)
  • Student's current mark is failing, i.e. lower than 50%, and they have made little effort to do the required course work (e.g. did few or no assignments, missed midterm even with documentation)
  • The student does not have a realistic chance of passing the course (you can calculate scenarios for their final grade if they were to achieve the class average on the exam, if they achieved the average of their completed work on the exam, etc.)

Note: if a student has missed a significant amount of the term with Verification of Illness (VIFs), it is recommended that they see a SAS advisor and possibly petition to have the course or entire term removed from their records — it is almost always better for the student to retake the course in its entirety.

Submitting an INC grade

If you do decide to grant an INC to a student, you must complete and submit the online INC Grade Form no later than the grade submission deadline for the course. 

To access the online INC Grade Form access this page first.

Select “Registrar resources” and you will have to log into the pages, use the ADFS tab, using your email credentials to log in.

Select the “Teaching” link and choose the “Incomplete Grade Form” page under the Grades Management link.

Resolving an INC grade

The Math Undergraduate Office (MUO) will reach out to math students who are carrying a grade of INC and relay you the names of students who have confirmed that they will complete their outstanding INC in your course that term.

  • The MUO will arrange for these students to be added to your course LEARN page as a Guest Student, you will need to add them to any other platform being used (Piazza, Odyssey, Crowdmark, etc.)
  • You will also be put in contact with the student's original term instructor to confirm the components of your course that must be completed by the student. This information will also be made available by the MUO in the initial e-mail.
  • The student must complete the outstanding assessment elements and once all are completed/graded by the current term instructor, the grades should be relayed to the original term instructor. 
  • The original term instructor should determine the final grade of the student and submit the grade revision to Odyssey within two weeks of receiving the student's final submission. The process for grade revision on Odyssey is:
    1. Log onto Odyssey using your CAS authentication.

    2. At ‘My Course Offerings’ tab, select the appropriate term and course for the grade revision you wish to submit. In ‘Enrolment’ link you will find “grade revision”.

    3. At this point “Prepare” your grade revision for submission.

    4. You will enter the student ID number “,” and new grade and submit.

    5. You are able to enter and add other students to this list before submitting.


  • Grade revisions can be submitted through Odyssey at any time, up to one year from original course date
  • If a student wishes to cancel their INC, the original grade (with 0s on missing assessments) should be submitted via the above procedure to clear it
  • If a student is scheduled to clear their INC during the term, but does not write the final exam/complete missing components for whatever reason, their INC should be left to lapse (do not assign a DNW). The student needs to contact the original term instructor for approval of an extension to their INC. If approval is given, it should be sent to the MUO.
  • The above grade revision procedure via Odyssey is also used for general grade revisions, e.g. if a student requests a remark request of their final exam which results in a different course grade
    • Be aware that if a term course exam is written in the Spring 2022 exam period, current student grades for this course cannot be changed in Odyssey. The spring 2022 grade change option for a course will open only after the grade due date has passed. During this time any grade change should be submitted using the grades in the class roster.