Objective O10:

By 2025, 40% of all Food Services food and beverage purchases are produced on-site, locally, or are third-party certified for sustainability

Progress: Mostly complete

A pie chart three-quarters full, illustrating that the objective is mostly complete

Description: Waterloo’s Food Services team has substantially expanded its local food purchases throughout 2019, and continues to expand its purchases of food products that have an environmental certification. The University is on track to reach its 2025 objective. There was a decrease in 2020 due to pandemic changes, in particular with the closure of many campus coffee shops that historically purchased Fairtrade certified coffee. It is expected that this would improve in future years.


Objective O11:

By 2018, achieve and maintain a Fair Trade Campus designation

Progress: Complete

A full pie chart, illustrating that the objective has been completed

Description: Waterloo’s Food Services team has met all criteria to be designated as a Fair Trade Campus, and received the designation in Spring 2019. Waterloo will continue to maintain the designation going forward.

Objective O12:

By 2020, deliver multifaceted programming to grow student and employee awareness about healthy and sustainable food choices

Progress: Completed

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Description: Food Services and the Sustainability Office continue to support active programming to raise awareness and literacy on healthy and sustainable food, including workshops and cooking shows.