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Objective O4

By 2025, reduce water intensity by 5% per square metre from a 2015 baseline

Progress: Completed

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Description: Waterloo has seen a small decrease in water use per square metre of building space through 2019. This is in contrast to numbers previously reported in 2017 and 2018. There were several corrections pending to Waterloo’s data sets that needed to be updated and reflect a slight improvement overall in water intensity. Because of the pandemic, there was a very significant drop in water intensity in 2020, far exceeding the campus target, but it is unlikely to last.



All campuses. Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo provide data to include in this report for purposes of transparency, but are separate from the goals and actions of Waterloo.


Source data was taken from annual billing for all locations.

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An accessible version of the data can be downloaded here: 2023 Water Consumption and Intensity (Excel)

Actions and accomplishments


  • Waterloo initiated a project to install faucet aerators on most sinks across campus and retrofit showerheads in Campus Housing to lower-flow fixtures


  • The Faculty of Science retrofitted the aquatic lab facility, creating significant reductions in water intensity with a more efficient circulation and filtration system

Objective O5

By 2025, expand the deployment of stormwater management technologies to targeted areas

Progress: Mostly complete

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Description: Waterloo has several stormwater features on South Campus, North Campus, and North-West campus.



All campuses are included, excluding the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo.


Any technologies, systems, or interventions that slow down water movement, store water before it is diverted to a municipal stormwater system, or increase the permeability of paved or grass surfaces are included as a discrete instance of a stormwater management area.

These include:

  • 3 permeable pavement sites
  • 5 green roofs and/or rooftop gardens
  • 1 rainwater cistern connected to EV3
  • 3 storm ponds in the Research and Technology Park
  • 3 storm ponds in the Northwest Campus

Actions and accomplishments

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