Welcome to Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo

The Department of Systems Design Engineering is a globally unique interdisciplinary department with flexible and innovative programs dedicated to the study of complex systems and their design.

Our interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs blend engineering, mathematics, and social sciences to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the most pressing technological challenges of today and tomorrow. In addition to our new Biomedical Engineering program, Systems Design remains committed to Human Factors, Mechatronics, and Societal and Environmental Systems.

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Capstone Design Projects

Each year, graduating Systems Design Engineering and Biomedical Engineering students collaborate in teams to tackle real-world challenges. Applying their knowledge and creativity to engineer solutions that make a difference, students create cutting-edge technology using their design-thinking skills, developed throughout their academic journey. Capstone prepares students to confidently tackle challenges, drive change, and positively impact society as they begin their careers.

In 2024, three BME teams participated in the Esch Pitch Competition: Adapt, Saturn, and ClarifEye. Adapt and Saturn each won $12K while ClarifEye won a $5K People's Choice Award.