Gordon Savage


Gordon SavageContact Information

Office: DWE 2518D
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 33941
Fax: (519) 746-4791
Email: gjsavage@uwaterloo.ca


  • BASc - University of Waterloo
  • MASc - University of Waterloo
  • PhD - University of Waterloo

Research Interests:

Discrete Models of Field and Continuum Problems:

The application of systems theory to field and continuum problems is being investigated. The goal of the research is to produce simple, but general models of spatially continuous processes, e.g., heat conduction, diffusion, elasticity, etc., which provide either conceptual or computational advantages and which unify or categorize existing numerical methods such as finite elements and finite differences.

Areas of interest include modelling non-linear media, coupled fields, probabilistic boundary conditions and constitutive properties, flexibility and impedance finite elements, and grid optimization methods.

Reliability and Quality in Design:

Safety and quality objectives are becoming increasingly important as we design more complex systems, compete against stiffer international competition and try to meet stricter environmental standards. The concepts of reliability and quality have proven to be useful to help quantify constraints and selective alternative designs. This research proposes to provide a unified methodology for design of various physical systems which encompasses both quality and safety design criteria. The methodology is applicable to multi-disciplinary systems and incorporates several of the various mathematical theories of probability assessment. The results of the research should provide a design methodology well suited to, but not restricted to, the design of systems with active redundancy and dependent component failures, and it should provide important measures that can be used for comparison and improvement of designs.

University of Waterloo

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